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Ansetts customers help themselves online with RightNow Technologies

RightNows e-Service software lets Ansett respond to the huge increase in inquiries online, freeing staff in its call centres to spend time booking fares

Ansett is witnessing how responsive customers are to helping themselves online, given the right tools. Hans van Pelt, e-organisation manager for Ansett said, Our customer service team is amazed at how useful the Internet can be for handling customer inquiries. Using RightNow Technologies which assists customers via web self-service, email response management, live chat, and service analytics, Ansett has managed to scale-up its customer service operation online, to meet the service demands from questioning customers. Since the beginning of Ansetts administration the site, www.ansett.com.au, has been handling up to 6,000 user self-service sessions a day in the Help section of the site, powered by RightNow.

Hans van Pelt said, We were tasked with re-designing a Web site that was simple, quick and efficient. As an e-service solution, RightNows offering definitely fits into that scope

We find the technology to be extremely simple and functional. In fact, the design of our site combined with the usefulness of RightNows knowledge base and live frequently asked questions (FAQs) has meant that we are now making more online bookings than ever before

We are having at least 60 live chat sessions with customers every day. Our customer service representatives can push pages to customers during an online session to deliver immediate, personalised service to customers while theyre online, said Hans van Pelt.

RightNow is the first Internet customer service solution to deliver a self-learning knowledge base across Web self-service, email response management, live chat communications channels. Its self-learning knowledge base technology builds content based on customer inquiries and interactions. This lets companies develop a customer support database that maintains itself and grows with the business. Ansett currently has about forty-two question and answer pairs that are constantly reprioritised based on usefulness. Information can be easily updated and new answers added to match questions that crop up.

RightNow has been shown to reduce call centre workloads by enabling customers to quickly find 75 to 90 per cent of the answers to their own questions online. Online self-service has resulted in substantial cost savings and service improvements in airline, telecommunications, automotive, consumer goods, financial, education, and government fields.

In a recent study by Doculabs, travel/hospitality customers using RightNows technology measured self-service rates of 83 per cent. This means that from the travel/hospitality companies surveyed, an average of 83 per cent of their customer inquiries were handled through automated self-service without the need for escalation to more expensive telephone calls or emails. RightNow has documented proven return on investment in as few as 60 to 90 days after implementation. Cost savings after implementation are largely due to the shift from expensive customer communication channels like the telephone to the Web.

Andrew Templer, managing director of RightNows Asia Pacific operation said, RightNow is used by more than six major airlines around the world including Lufthansa, British Airways, and Air Canada. When Air Canada deployed our self-learning knowledgebase, customers became better informed online and the company saw a 60 per cent reduction in the total volume of email from their customers.
About RightNow Technologies

RightNow Technologies is a leading global provider of proven Internet customer service solutions that deliver rapid return-on-investment. RightNow was named the second fastest-growing independent software company in the US by Softletter, an industry newsletter. RightNows comprehensive solutions include Web-based self-service, email response management, live chat and collaboration, and service analytics. These solutions feature an integrated product architecture, highly intuitive interfaces, and centralised workflow management; all based on a proprietary customer-driven, self-learning knowledge base.

RightNow customers include Air Canada, Ben & Jerry's, Black & Decker, Motorola, Nortel, Pitney Bowes, Sanyo, Social Security Administration, Sprint, and more than 1,100 other organisations in a wide range of vertical markets.

Founded in 1995, RightNow has offices in Bozeman, Dallas, London, Sydney, and Tokyo. RightNow's products are available in 15 languages worldwide. To learn more, visit www.rightnow.com.