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Trixie Interactive Dog Toys and Puzzle Games Now Available in Australia

German designed boredom busters for dogs

A Dog's Best Life is pleased to announce the arrival of a new range of Trixie interactive dog toys and puzzle games to Australian shores.

German pet brand Trixie sells over 6500 products to more than 80 countries worldwide and now their clever interactive dog activity toys have made their way to Australia.


There are 15 different puzzle toys of varying difficulties, suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. These interactive toys are designed to provide a mentally stimulating, fun and rewarding activity for both dog and owner.

The idea of the puzzle games is you hide treats or kibble in the various compartments of the toy, and then your dog must track them down and work out how to open the compartment and retrieve the treats.

Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

Alongside the dog activity toys are a number of treat dispensing dog toys, ideal for keeping your dog occupied and their teeth away from your shoes!

These treat toys include:
 - Roly Poly Snack Egg: Egg shaped plastic container that your dog must roll around to get the treats to fall out, includes removable plates to change the difficulty level.
 - Lick 'n' Snack Ball: Fill the grooves with snacks or a paste such as peanut butter, mount the ball to a surface using the suction cup and let your dog enjoy. Has the added benefit of keeping your dog in one place, especially handy for those not so keen on having a brush! 
 - Snack Snake: 2 styles of rubber snakes with a slit underneath to insert treats or pastes, also includes a squeaker in the head for added fun.

Lick 'n' Snack Ball (above)

A Dog's Best Life is an Australian owned, family run business based in Emerald, Victoria. Our mission is to help dog owners ensure their furry friends are living their best life with fun and rewarding toys as well as a healthy natural diet, and we are proud to bring this hugely popular range of interactive dog toys to Australian pet owners.

The Trixie range of puzzle games and treat dispensing toys can be purchased online, or for wholesale enquiries please contact us.