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Photographer Tim Elwin unveils Dawn Rising

A unique photography exhibition where the surreal is real.

Manly, New South Wales: Acclaimed Photographer Tim Elwin (Urban Ripples) presents Dawn Rising, a stunning exhibition where the surreal is real as photography takes a step towards abstract paintings. He transcends visual art in a calming, yet inspirational space which can only be captured from within the ocean at dawn, whilst still dark, waiting and watching for the sun to peak its head over the horizon. The series will be unveiled at Manly Life Saving Club in Sydney from 18th November to 24th November as an associated exhibitor of Head On Photo Festival


“I am so very proud for my art to be recognized by the worlds’ second largest photography festival, Head On Photo Festival as it reinforces the strength of my work and the emotions I am trying to encapsulate” - Tim Elwin


Tim applies biophilic properties, colour phycology, blue space and salt water therapy theories to his art in order to evoke specific emotions that drive specific behaviours. With his art adorning private walls and workplaces around the globe, has a goal to donate this type of art into all public hospitals rooms to help calm an otherwise stressful environment for trauma patients, hospital staff and visitors. Tim achieves this through his social initiative printforprint.co.


Dawn Rising is an associated exhibition of Head On Photo Festival 2020 

More information visit www.urbanripples.com/exhibitions & www.headon.com.au  

Full 2020 program www.headon.com.au/2020festival 



DATE:              Wednesday 18th - Tuesday 24th November 2020

LOCATION:     Manly Life Saving Club (upstairs)

                         South Steyne (Cnr Ashburner Street)

                         Manly NSW 2095


OPEN TIMES:  10:30am-5pm Every Day

COST:              FREE ENTRY


To ensure we work with Covid19 venue restrictions, we have created a viewing time booking system via https://urbanripples.com/dawn-rising-exhibition. We use the Service NSW COVIDSafe app to register all guests upon arrival and please note your temperature will be taken




Tim Elwin, an Australian Accredited Professional Photographer will be found mostly floating out at sea in the dark hours of dawn either with his camera, wishing he had his surfboard, or with his surfboard, wishing he had my camera. Thankful to be alive but left disabled from a horrific motorcycle accident in 2018, Tim’s connection with the water pushed him through rehabilitation to get him back on his feet & back into the water doing what he loves best, shooting the sunrise & those people who brave the often cold & windy waters at dawn to start their day in the most vigorous of ways!


Since getting back to his photography after the accident, Tim has received many accolades including Surf Visuals 2020 - TOP 50 Surf Photographers, Capture Magazine 2020 - Top Emerging Landscape Photographers (Australasia), Australian Professional Photography Awards 2020 - Top 25 Newcomer, The Mono Award 2020 - Highly Recommended and Fine Art Photography Awards 2020 - Seascape Nominee


Tim represents his art through his label Urban Ripples (www.urbanripples.com)



Printforprint is a social initiative donating calming art into Australian public hospital rooms to combat mental health issues. By creating images with purpose using the all empowering sunrise and the sky’s natural biophilic colours, the images evoke specific emotions & behaviours in which calm the mind. Installed into hospital rooms, this art helps support mental health in trauma patients and hospital staff.


Printforprint.co was born after the founder, Tim Elwin, spent months in hospitals & a wheelchair after a horrific motor accident on his back unable to do much but stare at a blank hospital wall. An image in his mind kept his focus on recovery instead of depression. The image was of a sunrise at dawn from with the ocean. The soothing colours, silky waters and the memory of how the cool salt water felt on his skin made him determined to get back to it.


After researching Tim found his answer as to why this image supported his recovery so well. The specific colours from dawn, the ocean, the connection with salt water and it benefits to creating happiness for those who frequent it. This specific biophilic environment was a perfect balance for the right headspace and to positively influence human behaviour.  If Tim can give even one person a window into the dawns he experiences and put them even slightly onto the same path, he has achieved the success he’d set out for.




Head On Photo Festival is a world-leading photography festival based in Sydney presented by the not-for-profit Head On Foundation. Each year Head On curates, produces and promotes exhibitions and events by hundreds of emerging and established photographers from around the world. Through its annual competitions, Head On has awarded over $700,000 in cash and prizes to photographers across the globe. Work for exhibitions is selected without the photographers’ names ensuring submissions are considered on visual merit alone, upholding Head On's commitment to integrity, inclusivity and equality.  


Innovative and forward-thinking, Head On was the first in the world to deliver a photo festival entirely online overcoming COVID restrictions.  


Inspiration and innovation, story-telling and imagination, Head On filters photography down to its finest.




Media enquiries for Tim Elwin, Urban Ripples;

Tim Elwin 0411 727267 telwin@urbanripples.com


Media enquiries for Head On Photo Festival;

Megan Bentley, Articuate PR 0452 214 611 megan@articulatepr.com.au