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Kinima Physio Treats Spinal Pain Causing Dysfunction Throughout the Body

Announcement posted by Kinima Physio 28 Oct 2020

Kinima Physio delivers professional 1-on-1 physiotherapy consultations via a private & secure online video platform. You can access this service from the convenience and comfort of your own home.
It’s natural to assume that the source of pain actually stems from that location, but that’s not always true. Neck pain and even persistent migraines can originate in the spine. Rob O’Mahoney, co-director and senior physiotherapist at Kinima Physio, is adept at locating the origins of pain and providing science-based therapies designed to relieve pain and dysfunction resulting from the underlying problem.

Kinima Physio has an extensive array of treatment options and therapeutic techniques for healing injuries, addressing chronic conditions, and restoring movement. The practice treats sports-related injuries, provides orthopaedic rehabilitation, and running assessments. Clinical Pilates and custom exercise programs can be prescribed, along with dry needling and injury prevention programs for adolescents to seniors.

Physio Perth City is focused on identifying and treating the underlying source of pain, disability, and mobility issues. The spine enables the body to support an upright position and is responsible for carrying the weight of the upper body. It distributes the body’s weight evenly over the pelvis to maintain balance, allowing people to move, twist, and bend.

Even a seemingly small misalignment in the spine is capable of creating pain in other parts of the body, mobility problems, and even respiratory issues. The situation only worsens over time if not treated. Physio West Leederville provides a comprehensive range of therapies to realign the spine, improve posture, and enable muscles and the neural system to function properly.

Spinal misalignments cause pain and to compensate, people often develop patterns of movement that exacerbates the underlying problem. Even sleep behaviors can contribute to overall spinal problems. The practice employs methods that can encompass physical manipulation, dry needling, and exercise rehabilitation. Physio Leederville can also assist with ergonomic solutions and advice on proper sleep support.

Pain in many parts of the body is a result of a spinal misalignment and one of the most frequently experienced conditions. Kinima Physio has the experience, expertise, and science-based solutions to address those issues. The practice also offers secure, convenient, and safe online consultations and supervised exercise plans via telehealth visits.

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