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US Global Tax (AUS) Provide Information on the October Deadline for US Tax Returns

When residing overseas, filing your US tax return on time can come with its difficulties. Fortunately, numerous extensions are available, initially up to 15th June each year, and then an additional extension up to 15th October. However, what is lesser known, is a further extension up to 15th December. 


Most US taxpayers are already aware of the 15th April annual filing deadline. However, for taxpayers residing overseas an automatic extension of time to 15 June applies. But, if you can’t file your return by this date, what other options do you have? 


An extension of time can be filed, allowing an additional time to file until 15th October. But, this must be filed before your original due date, 15th June, for taxpayers outside the US. One roadblock many expats encounter is waiting for their local tax information to be ready. So, what happens if you can’t make the October 15th extended deadline? Section 1.6081-1 enables us to apply for an additional extension of time to file until 15th December.  


Section 1.6081-1(a) gives the IRS the discretion to grant an additional extension. However, this must be done in writing, which is explained in Section 1.6081-1(b). So, if you are not sure if you will meet the 15th October deadline, apply now for additional time. 


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