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Top Salvage Yard Explains How Cars Are Recycled In Adelaide

If you have a scrap car taking up precious space in your garage or yard, you can get rid of it and make some money by having it recycled. Quick Car Recycling Yard Adelaide, one of the leading salvage yards in Adelaide, offers cash for scrap cars. Read below to gain some insights about car recycling and how it’s done.

What Parts Can Be Recycled?
Almost every part of a vehicle can be reused or recycled. In fact, at least 30% of the steel used to manufacture new cars come from recycled materials. However, the most commonly recycled parts include the tires, wheels, batteries, glass, radiators, and engine parts. If there are salvageable components, they are cleaned, repaired if necessary, and tested before being sold as used parts. The rest are sorted and brought to recycling centers.

What Happens During Car Recycling?

The first thing salvage yards do when a scrap car comes in is inventory all of the parts. Fluids, including engine oil, transmission fluid, fuel, and refrigerant are drained before high-value components, such as electronics, are dismantled and checked to see if they can be resold. Hazardous materials like mercury and sodium aside are separated for safe disposal.

Once all of the interior components, including the car seats, steering wheel, and dashboard have been sorted, all glass, plastic, and rubber parts are removed from the car’s body. The remaining shell is crushed flat, shredded, and reduced to fist-sized chunks of metal, which are sold to recycling facilities by the ton.

If you want to learn more about this process, get in touch with Quick Cars for Cash. This family-owned and -operated company has been one of the most trusted and reliable salvage yards in the area for more than 20 years. They offer used car parts and metal recycling services. Give them a call at (087)0719214 for inquiries, or visit their Quick Cash For Cars for more information.