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Property Podcast Has Australia Talking

If you’re looking for the right advice when it comes to property investment, transactional services and industry insights you can now enhance your knowledge listening to the best in the business.

The Agribusiness Investor is a new podcast series launched in September by LAWD (Land, Agriculture, Water & Development) the real estate, property and advisory specialists.

Available free on Spotify and Google the series provides a comprehensive analysis into the rural property market with a particular focus on the best regions to invest, when it’s a good time to sell and which types of farms are in most demand.

In the first episode LAWD senior director Col Medway was joined by Delta Agribusiness executive director group manager advisory, Chris Duff.

In the podcast Mr Medway said despite the prolonged drought land values along the east coast of Australia were continuing an unprecedented rise due to high commodity prices and the next generation of farmers returning home.

Delta Ag maintains a full farm services business employing 280 staff across 43 locations from southern Queensland, NSW and north western Victoria. 

According to Mr Duff from March to June trading was restricted by the Covid-19 pandemic, which meant it had to alter how it serviced its clients.

But since then Delta Ag had been able to revert back to a more normal type of trading environment.

The second podcast episode just launched features two other southern NSW based LAWD directors Ian Robertson and Tim Corcoran talking about the state of play in both those regions.

Mr Robertson said the market in southern NSW was being held up in particular by local landholders looking to either expand their operation for a son coming home or increase efficiencies of scale. This was in turn providing confidence to vendors knowing there were people in the district looking to buy.

To listen or download the podcast click here