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Announcement posted by Esencia Communications 17 Nov 2020

Yin and Tonic Classes Arrive in Melbourne

A new mindfulness and meditation hub in South Melbourne is turning wellness on its head, offering unique classes such as ‘Yin and Tonic’, ‘Sleep Techniques’ and ‘Wine and Wind-Down’.


In a bid to set herself apart from many meditation and yoga studios that offer generic classes where participants simply move through a series of standard yoga poses, Sally Kellett, founder of Mirosuna, is on a mission to bring the fun, spice and soul into wellness.


“Many mindfulness and yoga studios preach that the only way to practice things like meditation is when sitting on cushions, burning incense, or sitting in a circle chanting ommm.”


“For me, it’s about bringing mindfulness into the everyday, and if that involves a glass of gin, or a fabulous soundtrack in order for people to connect to their practice, then that’s what Mirosuna is all about.”


Some of the more unique classes at Mirosuna include:

-  Yin and Tonic - Friday night sessions combining a body movement class to help release built up tension & tight muscles with participants working through a series of stretches and poses, with a glass of Gin (or two) for serious wind-down!

-  Sound Meditation – a deep relaxation for those who are stressed and need to recharge. The live tunes of Sally playing Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls will envelop you in a sound bath and provide a deeply restorative state of wellness.

-  Mindfulness Tea Journey  - a workshop where participants learn how to use tea as a tool for mindfulness and how to use tea consumption to bring calm into your life.

-  Sleep Techniques – tailored to those who have difficulty falling asleep, this class helps to process thoughts and release tension in the body in order to retrain the body to sleep.


Offering a range of sound meditation, movement and mindfulness classes without the ‘woo’ in a stunning architectural-designed space by boutique Melbourne architect Melanie Beynon, Mirosuna has been cleverly designed to ensure every feature supports wellness.  From its sustainable Cork floor to support softness under foot; its soft, flowing curtains to provide privacy; and its custom lights and acoustics, the space is designed to evoke and nurture all of the senses. The space effortlessly blends style and comfort, and is Melbourne’s only non-secular meditation studio.


Mirosuna holds a liquor license, with plans to introduce additional classes in the coming months, as well as further events and workshops designed to help clients develop better practices around self-love, managing negative self-talk, and developing a deeper connections to themselves.


In 2019, Founder Sally Kellett spent time consolidating her mindfulness practice at Truc Lam Monastery in Vietnam, where she spent fourteen-hour days practicing meditation and mindfulness with seventy nuns. Combined with her training in Zen Buddhism and mindfulness, this experience inspired her to fulfill her lifelong dream to open her own holistic business, Mirosuna.


Mirosuna is located at Level 1, 18 Ross Street, South Melbourne. www.mirosuna.com