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Consumers dialling up dealers in record numbers, says WildJar

Australia’s leading call tracking and analytics company, WildJar, has reported an increase in monthly call volumes to car dealerships up 156% from the previous year.


The figure is based on call volumes from more than 600 dealers with WildJar experiencing the largest call volumes ever recorded across its automotive clients.


“Despite all the tools marketers now have it is the humble phone – a technology more than a century old – that is coming to the fore,” said WildJar Founder and CEO James O’Neill.


“Phone calls have become more important during the pandemic with showrooms closed to walk-ins and appointments.

“Dealers have come to accept that customers are no longer coming into the showroom to start their purchasing journey. Instead, customers are doing most of their research (and decision-making) online, long before they enter a dealership.

“The increase in call volumes reflects this transition with customers and dealers moving to e-commerce-based solutions. With the onset of COVID-19, this transition has been fast-tracked with dealers’ websites and their ability to handle customer calls being more important than ever.

“Unlike online, if I’m talking to a salesperson, I have more of a connection with you through tone of voice and nuances – something not offered over email.”

WildJar has nearly 5,000 customers with 35% of its business in the automotive sector.  It covers major manufacturers across the globe such as Hyundai, Bombadier Recreational Products, Toyota, BMW and Porsche.

It also deals with auto groups such as IDOM, Tynan Motors, Car Giant, Von Bibra, Cricks Auto Group, Giltrap Group, Sime Darby Asia and the LSH Auto Group.

It also has key integrations into third-party dealer management and attribution tools to manage flows and follow up leads such as Autogate, Saleshighway, FusionSD - AMS, Total Selling Solutions, Autoplay and AdTorqueEdge’s ALICE.

WildJar’s software provides dealerships with the opportunity to see how much revenue is generated from each phone call. This in turn provides instant insights into which marketing efforts are driving phone calls and lead enquiries – and by default which ones are performing and which ones aren’t.

WildJar also integrates with Google Analytics to ensure all calls that are tracked through a WildJar tracking number is pushed into Google Analytics as an event-based Goal. “When a customer calls, an Event will be sent into Google Analytics which will trigger a single, unique Goal conversion,” Mr O’Neill said.

The WildJar platform also provides dealerships with the flexibility to automatically Tag which callers or tracking sources based on their purchasing intent, to integrate into Google Analytics. “This is extremely useful for businesses looking to track and manage their leads more efficiently within their reporting suite.”

Mr O’Neill said that through its call tracking analytics, WildJar has discovered a blind spot for dealers when a customer transacts with them on their websites.

“For dealers that are already tracking their inbound phone calls, we are seeing a large number of customers abandoning the ‘cart’ at purchase or deposit point and calling the dealership to complete the purchase over the phone,” Mr O’Neill said.

WildJar’s technology provides the ability for dealers to ‘attribute’ offline phone calls to the customer’s online journey and help improve (and further prove) the strength of the e-commerce model, by showing that the ‘offline’ phone transaction started on the dealer’s website e-commerce channel.

To learn more about the WildJar visit www.WildJar.com or call 1300 317 533

About WildJar  

WildJar helps businesses become wildly successful by providing cutting edge voice and SMS solutions. Founded in 2016, WildJar has helped more than 4,000 companies worldwide drive revenue and connect their customer’s journey online to their purchasing behaviour offline. Finally, businesses and marketers have complete attribution and analytics to measure call outcomes and ROI. With WildJar’s Voice Platform, businesses get granular campaign attribution to understand why customers are calling, real-time intelligence about who’s calling and analyse what’s being said during conversations to improve outcomes.