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Australian 'Regrow Hair' company achieves 200% growth in last quarter

Announcement posted by Newsroom PR 18 Nov 2020

Aussie company taking the stigma out of hair thinning and loss with natural based products


Regrow Hair  - a true growth story, literally

When CEO of Regrow Hair, Adam Hungerford launched his Queensland-based business in 2019, he would never have guessed a pandemic would be the catalyst for enormous growth in his hair and scalp care treatment business. The past ten months has seen stockists increase 150%, to more than 250 outlets across Australia.

An Australian made, family-owned business, Regrow’s range of shampoos, conditioners and hair tonic encourages hair growth, slows, or halts hair loss, and assists in the treatment of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.  The range can now be found in every Australian state and territory (except NT) including well-known chains such as select IGAs, Go Vita, Ozsale, Australian Organic Products, Alive Pharmacy Warehouse and Chemist Works.  Hundreds more outlets are scheduled to stock the products in 2021.

Mr Hungerford was an international hair consultant with a high-profile medical hair loss company for 12 years before founding Regrow.

“We had been experiencing a strong level of business growth in the lead-up to the pandemic with increasing interest from stockists and distributors, Mr Hungerford said.

“While we would have been satisfied with that growth, the change in the market, including the limited availability of international brands and a growing need for eco and body-friendly products presented us with a real opportunity.

“When lock down was lifted in Queensland, we seized the moment and started conducting sales calls the old-fashioned way, by door knocking stockists. It achieved incredible results.

“As soon as the South Australian border opened, we adopted the same approach literally knocking on the doors of retail owners, CEOs and business boards.

“The results speak for themselves. From 100 stockists and distributors at the start of the year, we now have more than 250. Our business is growing in line with our customers looking for a solution to hair loss.

“Our sales have jumped 200% in the last quarter alone, so it is literally a story of growth all round.”

Through face to face networking Regrow secured two large deals with major distributors Oborne Health Supplies and Metcash warehouse. Metcash warehouse supplies over 1,400 independent supermarkets, and Oborne Health supplies to a range of Health Food Stores, Pharmacies, and independent health practitioners throughout Australia.

Given some 70% of men and 80% of women* will experience hair loss at some time in their life, the global hair care market has been exploding in recent years and is expected to be worth a staggering $211.1 billion by 2025, according to a study conducted by Grand View Research.

The two main causes of hair loss in men and women are poor blood circulation to the hair follicles and the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which shrinks the hair follicle. Once a hair follicle has died, it is impossible to make it grow back which is why early treatment is strongly recommended.

“We chose to go with a fun cheeky Aussie marketing voice to appeal to the younger generation, as prevention is the key to good hair health,” Mr Hungerford said.

Regrow Hair’s products include 13 natural active ingredients including caffeine and fruit from the Saw Palmetto tree which are scientifically proven DHT-blockers and which subsequently slow or halt the shrinking of hair follicles and hair loss. Also included are high purity vitamins biotin and niacin which improve blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles and oxygenated rainwater rather than demineralized tap water. The products are vegan and animal cruelty free and have no sulphates, parabens, DEA or MEA (monoethanolamine).

“There is a real appetite among consumers for products which focus on natural ingredients and which won’t damage their well-being or the environment,” Hungerford said. 

“We knew we had the right products and a strong marketing approach, but as the market conditions shifted due to COVID-19, we shifted with it.

“Our products look and smell good and are not your standard ‘hair treatment’ products. 

“We’re taking the stigma out of hair thinning and loss and the glowing reviews from our customers prove our products work.”

Regrow Hair will launch a series of new beauty products in early 2021 and plans to export its hair and beauty products to New Zealand and South Africa in 2021.


* The Hair Society, January 2019




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