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Darren Venter reveals his top three location picks for investment properties

Within 8 months, what was expected to be a 30% market drop, has now resulted in an expected 9% rise over the next 24 months and Darren Venter, Buyers Agent and Founder of Strat Prop, believes that now, more than ever, is the time for investors and homebuyers to enter the market.

With the Government’s proposed reversal of responsible lending laws to come into effect in March next year, Australia is set to see a rise in activity with the market becoming accessible to even more Australians. The property market’s movements have always been based on the fundamentals of economics; supply and demand. Venter says that if you’re on the hunt for a property now, getting in before these proposed changes will allow investors to reap the rewards once the flood gates open up and market demand rises.

“In climates like these, where a pandemic rules all, we adapt… and adapt we have! Through critical planning and brutal decision making, our nation's government has managed to perform the opposite of what our financial powerhouses predicted. Within 8 months, what was expected to be a 30% market drop, has now resulted in an expected 9% rise over the next 24 months,” says Venter.

“We’ve adapted quickly and acted faster. The fundamentals remain, but the focus has shifted. Over $300 billion has been planned for our recovery in the form of infrastructure, planning, incentive schemes, financial benefits, rate cuts, legislation change and more, which creates opportunities for investors all around the nation as new and previously damaged markets grow and recover at a rapid pace.”

Venter believes that “regional cities and town are absorbing these benefits the most thanks to their easy lifestyles, affordable amenities and huge support from the above mentioned economic boosters. Going into 2021, on our way to recovery we should be paying close attention to markets which; display a diverse workforce, are connection points for major transport, have major infrastructure projects, are supported by the various government stimulus incentives, and have good amenity to support city-like lifestyles.”

“We’re finding these support systems in areas north of Queensland's Sunshine Coast, the southern inland sections of New South Wales and regional mid to northwestern Victoria to name a few.”

With interest rates low, the potential changes in legislation, and with the latest NSW budget suggesting the phasing out of stamp duty, there’s going to be a lot of opportunities in 2021 for new home buyers and investors. But for those who can, Venter believes getting in quickly before demands rise will yield the best results.


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About Darren Venter & Strat Prop

Darren is a trusted Investment Buyer’s Agent and founder of Strat Prop, a property buyers agency that grows portfolios through strategic investment strategies. Darren’s work focuses on securing investment purchases for clients in high growth and cash flow positive areas. The company’s methods allow curious investors with low to medium budgets to purchase portfolio growing investment properties. Unlike other investment buyer’s agents, Strat Prop creates tailored strategic plans structured around their client's financial abilities, key objectives and the level of involvement they’re able to contribute. www.stratprop.com.au