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The world is crying out for kind and courageous leadership.

In a year we need it most, Sonia McDonald has just launched her third book ‘First Comes Courage’, which explores the power of leading with courage, and offers you great insights and tools to develop, nurture and grow courage within you and your teams. It is available to buy online from November 30th.

Featuring 15 chapters, Sonia takes you on a journey of reflection and growth to find your inner courage in your personal life and in business. She includes her own personal experience of courage, an incredibly inspirational and heart-breaking story.

You will be introduced to the Courage Compass, which gives you insight into your beliefs, thinking and behaviours against the four guiding elements of Courage: Kindness, Purpose, Resilience and Impact.

This is Sonia’s third book release, following on from ‘Just Rock it!’ and ‘Leadership Attitude’ which also help build leadership skills for individuals and teams.

All of Sonia’s books including her new release ‘First Comes Courage’ are available now on Booktopia, Amazon and Sonia’s Website.

First Come Courage – Hard Copy

First Comes Courage e-book

This book will empower you to be spirited, confident, dauntless and selfless in all aspects of your life. “You can be strong as a leader and be kind. You can be courageous as a leader and be fearful. You can be a leader without the title. But first comes courage.” Sonia McDonald

As the CEO of LeadershipHQ, Sonia McDonald is propelled to rid the business world of superficial

leadership driven by the trappings of popularity and power. Her business and reputation are built on

her own courage to lead with true purpose and meaningful impact, as she inspires others to do the

same. Sonia is an inspirational keynote speaker, and one of Australia’s leading executive leadership

coaches and facilitators. She has worked internationally to develop leaders and office culture in a

diverse range of industries and in 2020 founded the Outstanding Leadership Awards program in Australia.

Sonia’s passion for leadership means she works with leaders to support them, their organisations, industries and communities to gain the knowledge and awareness they need to build kind, courageous and inclusive leadership.

View the websites for more information on LeadershipHQ and Sonia McDonald https://www.leadershiphq.com.au or https://soniamcdonald.com.au/

For more information or to interview Sonia McDonald contact:

Sonia McDonald or Katie Watts

 0424 447 616 | 1300 719 665