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Could 2020 be the year for the ultimate reset and slowing down, both on an individual and universal level? Discover the wisdom within, Author, Pina Di Donato’s new book, The Reset Switch.

The Kind Press is proud to announce the release of The Reset Switch by Pina Di Donato.

The turn of a new decade held such promise. A chance to close off a cycle and begin anew in 2020.

And then every corner of the globe was exposed to a new type of highly contagious and unpredictable virus. With no pre immunity, vaccine or treatment, every human was susceptible. Sounding much like a science fiction movie, this was to become the world’s reality and worst nightmare of leaders and frontline medical experts.

COVID-19 has ripped through entire countries, causing widespread isolations, lockdowns, death and crippling economies all over the world. The effects and impacts of this virus are far reaching and complex, bringing every part of our lives under the spotlight, requiring reflection and adjustment.

All the solutions and management points to a need to shut down everything, reset, and work out ways to effectively reboot the system. But for every dark cloud there is bound to be a silver lining; an opportunity that could, in fact, make a difference to our future. 2020, a year of reset, on an individual and global scale.

Having passed through a period of gradual awakening, and having made many changes in order to create the life she felt she deserved, Pina Di Donato was looking forward to the new year. But just when she thought she was finally in control of her future, the Universe had other plans. She, too, would be banished to her corner of the room where she could rest, reflect, reset and contemplate her next move. This book is the result of her reflection and offers an original perspective on the experience.

The Reset Switch is a friendly book that highlights the benefits of slowing down, putting the need for reset under the microscope and offering newness and the promise of what is to come.

Could true happiness be just around the corner?


The Reset Switch by Pina Di Donato.

ISBN: 9780648870630

RRP: $29.99

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Number Of Pages: 228

Published: 8th December 2020 

To request a copy of the book or to arrange a giveaway, please email publisher@thekindpress.com


Pina Di Donato is an avid philanthropist, business person, highly experienced marketing professional and author. She is the author of Who Switched the Lights On? And the co author of the history and business book, A Long Way from Home. 

She has held many board positions with not for profit organisations, including being Deputy Chair of Northern Health Foundation and established a pivotal charity arm, whilst helping to rebuild one of the largest poultry producers in Australia.

Passionate about sharing her experiences through storytelling, Pina hopes to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and onto the path of fulfilling their own unique purpose.