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Dynamo Selling Award Announcement 2020

Dynamo Selling has worked with numerous organisations creating bespoke sales coaching programs to help them achieve their sales goals. That is why we are continually developing our methods to achieve truly transformative and scalable results for our clients. Our years of experience and development have resulted in the Dynamo Selling System - an innovative model that focuses on deep understanding of the client on a psychological level.

Although we don’t seek accolades, it is always welcomed and satisfying to be recognised for our hard work. In that light, we are very proud to announce that we have been awarded twice in 2020; the prestigious 2020 Gold Stevie Award Asia Pacific – Innovation in Customer Service Management and the Corporate Vision – 2020 Best Sales Training Provider Australia.

Corporate Vision – 2020 Best Sales Training Provider Australia

In December of this year, Dynamo Selling was awarded 2020 Best Sales Training Provider Australia. The main criterium for the award was Dynamo Selling’s innovative training programs that are tailored specifically to the client and always results-oriented. Our sales coaching and training services cover virtually all forms of sales, including but limited to the most challenging types like retail and sales via phone. The flexibility of our programs; that cater to any size of sales team and timeframe needed for training helped distinguish us from our counterparts. We are truly honoured by the committee’s selection of Dynamo Selling as Best Sales Training Provider Australia for 2020!

2020 Gold Stevie Award Asia Pacific – Innovation in Customer Service Management

In November of 2020 we were elated to find out that we had won the Award for Innovation in Customer Service Management, Planning & Practice. This was a great honour as we won the top distinction (Gold) ranking us above other Stevie Award-winners that included many APAC region heavy hitters - IBM, Samsung Electronics and Nasdaq Governance Solutions. Although being innovative can be risky, this award proves that thinking outside the box and offering our clients innovative programs moulded specifically to their needs and goals pays off. We are constantly developing our sales coaching methods, adopting innovative techniques and strategies in sales communication to help our clients achieve their goals and succeed.

Bespoke Sales Coaching by Dynamo Selling

The level of choice we offer our clients, our innovation and our dedication to results-based methods have all help us stand-out in the sales coaching space. Dynamo Selling not only provides traditional onsight sales coaching programs but adapting with the times, we also have virtual or even off-site programs. We cater to both small and large organisations. Our SME Program, for example, is created specifically for smaller sales teams looking to expand. It guides teams of up to 4-5 sales professionals through the steps necessary to understand their customers and optimise sales conversions.

Our Corporate Program, on the other hand, is designed for larger organisations. Choose between in-house sales coaching or off-site depending on your facilities and needs. The ultimate goal of any of our programs is to yield the results that our clients seek.

If your company is looking for the sustained and continued growth of your sales Dynamo Selling also offers a Monthly Success Retainer. This package will help your company grow through a robust and sustained increase in sales with access to consistent consulting and training. And now we can help all levels of your organisation; with our Leadership Series program, we give your executives the tools necessary to promote growth and facilitate high performance in their teams.

Don’t just expect growth, make it happen with Dynamo Selling.