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Tone Soup is your one-stop-shop for Pedals, Power Supplies & Guitar Accessories Australia

We can help you find that perfect guitar tone! Tone Soup stock a worldwide range of guitar pedals Australia based guitarists can buy online. We are proud to be part of the music equipment retail industry, and are here to fulfill your guitar tone needs.

Musicians know quality when they see it and hear it. It’s one of the primary reasons that Tone Soup has become a premier online provider of boutique pedals, power supplies, mini amps, and guitar accessories to create unique sounds and tone effects that enables guitarists to create their music as they intended. As an added bonus, Tone Soup provides free shipping on orders over $149.

Tone Soup offers top name brands from Anasounds and Beetronics to Strymon and Voodoo Labs. The online boutique guitar pedal store has a wide range of equipment for effects encompassing clean boost, spring reverb, loopers and modulators. Guitarists can choose from filters to synths, and devices for producing vibrato, echoes and distortion to fuzz pedals and modulators.

The Beetronics pedals Australia are especially popular for custom guitar effects. Customers can select from pedals that include the Beetronics Fatbee Overdrive, Royal Jelly, the Buzzter Boost/Preamp, and Swarm. The Whoctahell Low Octave Fuzz allows guitarists to choose from an indie rock lead to an easily recognisable video game theme, while the Overhive provides sweet tones for infinite possibilities.

For those that need to power multiple effects, Tone Soup offers pedalboard power supply Australia options for every usage. The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital is an analog power supply that can easily handle four filtered, isolated, and regulated output sections. Also featured is the Strymon Zuma R300 Power Supply that provides a high power solution with a low profile. It accommodates 9V, 12V and 18V pedals and its part of an expandable system as needs evolve.

The company also offers an exceptional range of guitar accessories Australia. Shoppers can select from an extensive range of Hotone accessories that includes the Nano Legacy cabinet with a custom speaker that features an inverter tube design typically found in hi-fi amps. Multiple types of guitar amps are available, including those compatible with multiple cabinets of different impedances, along with Strymon multi-switches that can be configured in multiple ways.

Tone Soup is a one-stop online solution for guitarists that want top-quality pedals, power supplies and guitar accessories by respected names in the business. Music is a highly individualised art form and the products available at Tone Soup enables originality to shine through.

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Tone Soup is your online specialist store for boutique pedals and accessories. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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