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Australian premium men's grooming brand MADE FOR MAN™ featured and highlighted by GQ Australia as an innovative brand to look out for.

After a successful launch internationally, Australian premium men's grooming brand MADE FOR MAN™ has been recognized and highlighted by GQ Australia

Premium Australian brand MADE FOR MAN™ has been showcased by GQ Australia in the top 9 Australian brands that'll up your grooming game without costing the earth.

GQ Australia wrote, "Plenty of brands these days focus hard on the use of botanicals in their ranges, but none at the moment are doing so with such a male-centric approach as MADE FOR MAN. With the new Australian brand, the attention is placed upon the use of ethically-sourced, Australian natives, with every bottle locally researched, locally made, and free of anything potentially nasty to you or the planet.

"As a young Australian company we are really grateful to be recognized by GQ Australia as an innovative premium men's grooming brand leading the way in developing innovative products for men of the world." according to Nicholas Stojanovski, Founder & CEO. "Our mission is to have a positive impact on as many men as we can around the world with our range of scientifically researched men’s skincare and haircare products, infused with our uniquely beneficial Australian native and indigenous botanical ingredients full of active nutrients that are gaining a reputation around the world for their amazing benefits to your hair and skin health."

The company's high performance skincare range has been developed for all skin types and adapts to your skin’s changing needs. Many men are dealing with tired, dull, premature ageing and problematic skin and the frustration of finding solutions that work for them without harsh and potentially damaging chemical ingredients. Our skincare range restores and revitalises your skin’s healthy natural balance.

The salon professional haircare range caters for all hair types for your daily haircare needs, hair styling products that condition your hair as you get the look you want and advanced hair repair formulations to restore damaged hair and scalp back to health.

The range also includes body care and beard care products, and all products are highly concentrated professional use grade, environmentally sustainable and ethically formulated.

For more information visit www.madeforman.com.au