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Adobe Flash Player to be officially retired on the 31st of December 2020

Security considerations to keep your machine safe after Adobe stops supporting Flash

On the 31st of December Adobe will officially retire Adobe Flash Player and mark the end of an era for the internet as a whole.

Over the years as mobile has taken up a significantly larger chunk of internet traffic technologies like Flash fell out of favor by developers as open standards like HTML5 could be used directly in the browser without requiring 3rd party frameworks to be installed.

In addition to this Flash itself has suffered from numerous security vulnerabilities over the years, despite this however it was immensely popular at it's peak with many games and videos created using the technology.

With the software reaching End Of Life (EOL) AGR Technology a technology business recommends it's clients and users to uninstall the software from their machines to keep safe from any potential exploits or vulnerabilities that may be targeted in future.

In addition to this AGR Technology has also published a Flash Player Archive for download on their official website which contains a copy of the last updated version of Flash from Adobe along with a blog post on how to play games once Flash support is fully removed from major browsers.

With these methods available users can still enjoy classic games and legacy content despite using newer technologies into the future.

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