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Iso, Sunshine, Zoom and Dreamer - dog names predicted to take off in 2021

With the Coronavirus pandemic and the increase in demand for highly personalised pet care services, the team at Pawshake predicts that 2021 will result in pet parents choosing unique names that reflect and inspire hope:

  • Arrow

  • Buttercup

  • Captain 

  • Dreamer

  • Storm

  • Halo

  • Hero

  • Hope

  • Iso

  • Rona

  • Sunshine

  • Zoom

2020 has resulted in the largest number of pet adoptions across Australia. Over the last 8 months, many pet rescue organisations reported a record number of adoptions and several instances where their kennels have been completely empty.

Bella, Luna, Charlie and Max continue to be four of the most popular Australian dog names in 2020. According to over 250,000 dog profiles on the Pawshake platform, those four names consistently make the top 10 list each year. They are followed closely by Rosie, Molly, Alfie and Oscar.

Pawshake CEO Tanguy Peers is not surprised, “with an increase in the humanisation of pets, it’s not unusual to see human names gaining popularity with pet parents. In fact, all the male and female dog names on our top 10 most popular list this year are all human names.”

“Especially during difficult times, people have a stronger desire to connect with their pets more than ever.”

According to recent research from Pawshake, 97% say owning a pet has helped them through tough times. Additionally, 68% of participants confirmed that they spent more time with their pet in 2020 than in previous years. 

This has led to the increase in the number of bespoke dog experiences Pawshake pet sitters are offering as part of their services. “We have seen a wave of more personalised pet sitting experiences,” Tanguy confirms. “From home organic home cooked meals to doggy spa days, doggy birthday parties and bush walking adventures. Dog parents are now spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a carer for their mate.”

2020 was also a record year for unique pet names on Pawshake. With 21% of all the registered dog names on Pawshake being one of a kind. Many were inspired by food and fictional characters. If you are looking for a special name, here are Pawshake’s top 10 most unique dog names:

Food Inspired Dog Names

  • Baguette

  • Blueberry

  • Cheddar

  • Hotpot

  • Lambchop

  • Lamington

  • Merlot

  • Omelette

  • Pistachio

  • Satay

Fictional Character Inspired Dog Names

  • Alexis Rose

  • Batman

  • Elsa

  • Moira Rose

  • Mr Meowgi

  • Murphy Brown

  • Obiwan

  • Olaf

  • Snoopy

  • Tigger

Top 10 female pet names

  • Bella

  • Molly

  • Ruby

  • Luna

  • Coco

  • Daisy

  • Lucy

  • Rosie

  • Lola

  • Millie

Top 10 male pet names

  • Charlie

  • Max

  • Buddy

  • Oscar

  • Archie

  • Ollie

  • Milo

  • Toby

  • Leo

  • Alfie

While it may seem exciting to give your dog a name that is just as special as them, it’s also important to consider how it will sound out loud - especially for dogs. Names that are too long or hard to pronounce can cause confusion with your dog and for anyone who may be looking after them!

According to Tanguy, “gone are the days of a simple walk around the block. 2020 proved that it was all about the unique names and pet care experiences. And we expect this trend to continue to grow in 2021.”

Pawshake has had a significant uptick in new pet registrations on the platform in 2020. It looks forward to supporting Aussie pet owners with plenty of flexible care options for their precious pets in 2021. With more than 20,000 Pawshake sitters in Australia, many available at a moment’s notice, pet owners no longer need to worry about their pet feeling stressed when they aren’t at home.

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Pawshake analysed over 250,000 Australian pet profiles from it’s website database. For additional quotes, high res imagery or to arrange an interview with a Pawshake spokesperson, please contact jessica@pawshake.com or tanguy@pawshake.com

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