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Lead generation is typically an expensive and risky exercise for investment property companies. High spend and low returns are rife. But that reality is changing on the back of an innovative approach from one Australian company. 

Cobra Digital, the boutique Gold Coast agency driving this shakeup, is calling for change. Reuben Scheckter, the company's Managing Director says it is time for the industry to evolve and be held accountable for its performance. "It is common to hear horror stories where clients have spent thousands of dollars with no return," he says. "Lead generation shouldn't operate like this. It's time for the industry to become more competitive and take a step up in terms of its credibility and deliverability."

Scheckter says price gouging and poor performance are standard. Many agencies take advantage of the fact few clients understand the digital marketing space, overcharging and enjoying high margins as a result. "Clients are often backed into a corner because they don't have the technical knowledge to back up the feeling they have had a bad experience," he says.

Cobra Digital are taking an alternate approach and the results are impressive. High quality investment property leads are being delivered at a third of the cost, against industry average, often coupled with double-digit return on investment. "It’s all about taking a stand for quality and transparency with fairer prices. Effective processes have reduced our cost base and we can pass those saving onto clients. Customised technology also enables us to maximise the volume of consistent leads we can deliver daily," says Scheckter.

Jack Corbett, Co-Founder and CEO of Corbwood & Associates has benefited from this new approach. Corbett's turnover has doubled since engaging Cobra Digital to manage lead generation less than a year ago. "They have reduced my cost per lead and increased the number of qualified opportunities I'm getting, which has helped us reach this level of growth. The team are second to none," he says. Cobra Digital has generated over 13,715 investment property leads for Corbwood this year, with a peak volume at 90 leads per day and a return on investment of 18 times. 

With Cobra Digital generating close to 250,000 quality leads for their clients this year, it is clear the days of companies needing to accept high cost, low return campaigns are numbered. 

About Cobra Digital:

Cobra Digital is a lead generation agency that offers exclusive leads for service-based businesses, with real time delivery on a cost-per-lead basis. We've driven by a single goal — to simplify lead gen. And we're proud to say we've made that a reality for the hundreds of lead buyers we service every day around the world in some of the most competitive markets and niches operating today, with and without large sales teams.

For further details contact:

Sam Brown

VP of Growth/Strategy, Cobra Digital

P: 0408 625 199 

E: sam.brown@cobradigital.com.au

W: www.cobradigital.com.au