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Loukas Law is a Divorce Lawyer Perth for Every Aspect of Family Law Needs

We specialise in resolving family separation and divorce situations. It’s all we do – all day, every day.

Few family law disputes are resolved without extensive intervention by a lawyer. Maria Loukas, owner of Loukas Law, understands that a separation or divorce is extremely stressful. The wide range of services available through the divorce lawyers Perth are designed to help individuals cope with their situation financially and psychologically.

Loukas Law provides clients with a multi-faceted approach during one of the most trying times of their life. The firm specialises in divorce and separation, family violence, dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration. The firm provides solutions for child custody arrangements, child support, and the fair division of property and financial assets. Counselling is available and steps are taken to ensure clients and children are safe from family violence.

Parents have many responsibilities when it comes to their children. The child support lawyers Perth ensure that those obligations are met in whatever way is needed, such as financial support, to visitation with grandparents. Loukas Law can assist if there are questions about a child support parentages, or if support past the age of 18 is required, and can also assist in preparing various types of documentation.

There’s a distinct difference between a divorce and a separation, but both have a significant impact on a person’s life. The divorce lawyers Perth help individuals navigate every step of the overall divorce process and meeting deadlines. Separation or divorce doesn’t have to be a contentious process and the law firm works closely with clients to resolve disputes and make the process as smooth as possible.

Loukas Law is unique in that the firm works with family counselling Perth professionals to support the mental and emotional welfare of clients. Separations and divorces are traumatic for adults, children and even extended family members. Making well-informed decisions can be difficult when planning a new future or the risk of family violence is an issue.

Loukas Law are experts in family law in its many facets. Loukas Law provide legal representation for separations and divorces, mediation and arbitration, and child support, and also the division of financial assets, estate planning and probate.

About Loukas Law

We care about seeing you come through your family law process in your best personal shape, so that you can build your best future. We are dedicated to looking after you from every perspective; legally, financially and personally. We are your support, counsel and advocate. Our strength will be your solution.

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