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Victoria's only private cemetery is dedicated to keeping memories in the Field of Companions

Anybody that has experienced a unique bond with a pet can tell you what heartbreak is when they suddenly pass away.
Pets enrich our lives in ways that afford us unconditional love and a greater quality of life. 

Wooling Hill Memorial Estate in New Gisborne understands the impact of losing a pet and the importance of honouring the unique gift of companionship that our furry families bestow upon us in life. A special nook at Wooling Hill Memorial Estate is dedicated to keeping these lives in the Field of Companions. 

Owner Troy Upfield, also the founder of Chapter House Funerals has seen first hand how important pets are to families. Troy said "we have had many viewings and funeral services where pets have become part of the service. It only makes sense that when the pet dies, families would like to say goodbye in their grief and have an everlasting memorial as well'. 

Field of Companions is a pet "cemetery" in Victoria that offers pet owners a place to inter the cremated ashes of their pets with a commemorative bronze plaque, set amongst the tranquil botanical gardens at Wooling Hill Memorial Estate.