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Aussies told to carry cash or risk going hungry

Eftpos, bank and credit union ‘outages’ are leaving people stranded.

Consumers and retailers simply cannot rely on eftpos systems to work. Some people are loading up trolleys of food and essentials only to find their cards are not working or shop eftpos systems are ‘down.’

Recent Eftpos system outages have affected:





These are just the latest instances of regular outages from essential bank and eftpos systems that affect Australians.

“Every Australian should be carrying around $100 of cash just in case their bank or financial institution, or the system used by their favourite supermarket or shop, crashes and fails,” said Jason Bryce, consumer affairs journalist and spokesperson for the Cash Welcome campaign.

“You can so easily be left without food just because suddenly a computer system somewhere has failed.

“Aussies simply need to get into the habit of carrying cash in their pocket again, as a safeguard against the insecurity of cashless payment systems.”

“Australian polymer banknotes are the world’s best cash technology,” said Jason, “Banks and card companies are yet to invent a more reliable technology than cash.

“No wonder 10,000 Aussies have signed my petition, with very little promotion.”

For more comments or information: Jason Bryce, Journalist - 0428 777 727 media@cashwelcome.org

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