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The secret’s out!

Susie O’Brien launches ‘The Secret of Half-arsed Parenting’

Melbourne mum and journalist Susie O’Brien draws on Mumpower research in her new book, The Secret of Half-arsed Parenting. She wants mums and dads to drop their standards, ditch the guilt and ignore anyone on social media who says they're #blessed because they are probably #fullofcrap.

The Secret of Half-arsed Parenting explores the unrealistic goals and expectations parents feel today, and offers a way to raise kids with less pressure, less guilt and less stress. The book’s mission is to guide readers back to a time when kids played by themselves at the park and then walked home, when weekends were for parents, not kids’ playdates, sport and birthday parties, and when naughty kids were punished instead of their parents.

Based on current and relevant insights, this book references the Mumpower Market Research conducted during the 2020 pandemic. This 3 part research explored new and evolving trends, changes, and tracked the developing habits of Mum consumers and how these habits shaped her life and ultimately her consumer spend.

Author, Susie O’Brien says:

“Among other research, the book draws on a 2020 Mumpower study of how mothers were feeling in the middle of lockdown. The study offered an invaluable insight into how mums were feeling and what they were concerned about. The finding that their number two day-to-day frustration was feeling like they have to do everything fitted in perfectly with my Half-arsed mantra - that parents should do less and make no apology for it.”

Mumpower is Australia’s leading agency with their finger on the pulse of what matters to this powerful consumer group largely in charge of household spending – Mums, and what brands need to do to be relevant.

CEO and head of Market Research at Mumpower, Christie Nicholas says:

“We are thrilled for Susie O’Brien and the launch of the book, “Secret of Half-arsed Parenting”. We know, through our efforts representing brands that speak with Mums that Mums feel pressured to keep up with the demands of life, often at her expense. This book is refreshing, inspiring and a timely reminder that what Mums do is more than enough and we are proud that Susie chose to incorporate some of the Mumpower findings”.

The Secret of Half-arsed Parenting is out in bookshops or for sale on Booktopia. If you would like to enquire about Mum Marketing, Mum Influencers and Consumer Market Research Services, contact Mumpower.com.au for more information.

To purchase: https://bit.ly/3thXIPG