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Shop for Cars Introduces ‘Sell My Car’ Feature to Simplify Selling and Buying Used Vehicles in Australia

Australia’s first dealership-only listing website, Shop for Cars, has recently introduced its ‘Sell My Car’ feature for the benefit of both car sellers and car dealers.

With recent reports in Australia indicating a lack of used car stock in the market, Shop for Cars aims to relieve the frustrations of both people looking to sell their cars and car dealers by directly connecting them with each other via the ‘Sell My Car’ feature.  

‘Sell My Car’ offers the general public a way to get rid of their car quickly to a reputed dealer instead of having to connect with complete strangers. A person wanting to sell their vehicle simply lists their details on the website, which is then sent to three nearest dealers to make an offer on the car. The seller is then free to accept or reject the offer, which means there is no obligation.

The ‘Sell My Car’ feature is advertised extensively on Facebook, Google and Instagram to the public. Since it started, there has already been a large volume of leads pouring in from people interested in selling their cars with several deals already completed.

Shop for Cars is the ideal destination for people who prefer to purchase directly from dealerships because they provide certain state-enforced legal protections. This includes guarantee of clear titles, cooling-off periods, and statutory warranties for some vehicles based on state laws. Over 10,000 vehicles are listed on the site, creating a seamless (and free) way for car buyers and car dealers to connect without any additional costs.

Since Shop for Cars was launched in May, there has been a 10 percent increase in people using the site month on month. There is absolutely no obligation and no cost for using Shop for Cars or the ‘Sell My Car’ feature for either the public or dealers using EasyCars software.

Through a partnership with Drive on Finance, Shop for Cars also gives potential car buyers the option to get pre-approved before a vehicle search, making it easier to set a more realistic budget based on spending capacity. Drive on Finance connects buyers to over 40 lenders through its online network, which helps to speed up approvals for car finance applications.

For more information, visit www.shopforcars.com.au

About Shop for Cars 

Built by Jeal, an Australian family-owned and operated company that has served the motor industry for the last 40 years, Shop for Cars is a dealership-only vehicle listings website that aims to connect car buyers with reputable dealerships around the country. 

Shop for Cars is not intended to replace existing online advertisers. It is another means to connect buyers to dealers. Shop for Cars does not sell cars directly. This is done by dealers. Buyers are encouraged to consult with chosen dealers for additional terms and conditions for buying or trading in cars.