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TOA Global ramps up employee health benefit program

Announcement posted by TOA Global 11 Feb 2021

Team members to enjoy 65% increase in their healthcare premiums

TOA Global is proud to announce an upgraded health insurance premium for its team members after it successfully negotiated a 65% health benefit increase with its partner health maintenance organization (HMO). This is part of the company’s concerted efforts to adopt a positive and holistic approach to team members’ well-being through a top-notch employee benefits program.


“At TOA, we want our employee benefits to reflect our commitment. Through our focus on delivering genuine career opportunities with genuine work-life balance, increasing our health benefits for our team members was the next logical step. There is nothing more important than health — physical, mental, spiritual and financial — that’s why we are passionate about helping all of our team members be fit, happy and healthy,” says Megan Reed, Chief People Officer of TOA Global.


TOA’s team members, the employees who directly work for our clients, are now eligible for a maximum coverage rate of Php 200,000 per illness, a significant increase from last year’s limit of Php 120,000. The upgraded health benefit package also covers HIV assistance and access to the employee assistance program (EAP). Team members also have an option to enroll their domestic partner, up to age 65, as dependent. They can also extend the coverage to their dependent child/sibling of up to age 23. New hires are given the same benefits upon onboarding.


TOA recognizes that by providing greater employee support, it will not only inspire and motivate the team members to bring their best selves to work but also enable the company to retain and recruit the best talent in the accounting space.


“Our thriving businesses need thriving employees. We have always chosen to positively disrupt the industry. So despite us being in the midst of a pandemic — or perhaps because of it — we wanted to make the most meaningful impact on our team members’ lives. And for us, that meant health,” adds Megan.