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Frustrated residents to rally against overdevelopment & council indifference

Announcement posted by Joe Perri & Asociates 11 Feb 2021

Plans to build six triple storey units on a single suburban block in Jukes Road has incensed the residents of Fawkner who will be joined by community groups to voice their anger and concerns at a rally against overdevelopment to be held this Saturday morning.


Organised by the Fawkner Residents Association (FRA), spokesperson Joe Perri said, “The objective of the rally is to provide an opportunity for residents to come together and express their frustration with inappropriate development that is impacting the environment, lives and quality of living. 


“Moreland Council’s indifference to the plight of locals is fuelling escalating grassroots resentment as established residents and new comers are required to live with the legacies of ‘profit before liveability and sustainability’ development projects”.


Commenting further, Joe Perri said, “Immense social and environmental harm and disruption is being caused to suburbs that were never designed to accommodate overdevelopment of this nature. 


“Contrary to the misconception that residents are NIMBYs (Not in My Back Yard) – in reality it’s developers that have this mindset as displayed by the Elwood based developer seeking to construct the six triple storey units on a single block in Fawkner”. 


Compounding the situation is the Council’s support for the waiver of statutory car parking requirements for projects that have no environmental, architectural or community merit or benefit.    But developers and Moreland don’t care as their mutual obsession is maximising yield.


Even worse these projects deliberately exclude seniors, mobility challenged and families with disabled children.  When this is pointed out to Moreland, it’s just brushed aside. 


The more you delve into overdevelopment in suburbs throughout the municipality, the more you realize the extent of the social and environmental upheaval and harm that is occurring.  The community spokespersons that are travelling to Fawkner to address the rally on Saturday only represent the tip of this ‘social and environmental harm iceberg’


Les Twentyman, Twentyman Foundation

Kelvin Thomson, former federal MP

Dean Hurlston, Ratepayers Victoria

Emilio Savle, Disabled Motorists Australia

Gino Iannazzo, Australian Pensioners Voice


Details of the community rally against over-development are as follows –


Date:  Saturday February 13

Time:  10:00am

Place: 110 Jukes Road, Fawkner


Residents and supporters planning to attend have been advised to –


- observe all coronavirus protocols

- for the convenience of nearby residents and Bonwick Street shoppers, to walk or cycle to the rally if possible  

- speaker presentations will be live streamed and recorded for upload onto the FRA Facebook site.




Issued by the Fawkner Residents Association


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