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Leading Australian Pet Businesses Work Together to Help New Pure Breed Puppy Parents.

VetShopAustralia, the most awarded online pet product retailer in Australia and DogzOnline, Australia’s leading pure breed dog community, are proud to announce a new partnership to provide those looking to add a new purebred member to their household a great source of information and products to raise your new family member.  

The demand for pure bred puppies has sky rocketed in the last 12 months, but getting the right puppy and looking after it properly,  is no easy feat. According to one recent study*, in Australia the estimated market demand for puppies, was  400,000 puppies per year, a but almost all of them don’t come from registered breeders. For example, in 2018, only a little over 69,000 of those  puppies were recorded as coming from registered dog breeders. This means the remainder of puppies to reach this demand result from either unintentional breeding (accidents) or by unregistered breeders. This is where DogzOnline come in.  The demand for puppies and in particular purebred puppies sky rocketed during Covid, with reports of pure breed puppies costing $10,000, $15,000 or even more! So it’s never been more important for pet owners to get the right advice on where to find that perfect purebred pup.

DogzOnline is a pure breed dog community created in 1998 for the sole purpose of promoting the pure-bred pedigree dog. You won't find any cavoodle, spoodle, labradoodle, puggle, spanador, pugalier or other designer dog puppies here. DogzOnline not only has puppy listings, it provides a community for purebred owners containing breeder listings, dog pedigrees, classifieds, forums, pointscore competitions and more! After you have welcomed your new dog into your home the DogzOnline events page features info for upcoming dog shows, dog owner meets, and competitions. If you are still unsure about entering into competitions you can read up on all you need to know about different dog breeds on the DogzOnline Dog Breed Index, which  provides resources for the breeds recognised in Australia by the Australian National Kennel Club.

Once you’ve got your bundle of joy home of course, there is so much to do (and so much to buy!) for your new pet. DogzOnline is therefore collaborating with VetShopAustralia.com.au, Australia’s oldest, largest and most awarded online pet health products retailer. VetShopAustralia.com.au has been proudly serving Australian pet owners since 1999. With its head office and distribution centre located in Forest Glen, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, VetShopAustralia stocks a huge range of over 7000 pet-related products; including international brand name animal health products such as Simparica, Revolution, and Royal Canin. The vets and vet nurses at VetShopAustralia have specialist knowledge on the needs of pure breed dogs, and stock products like Royal Canin Breed Nutrition catered to specific breed needs as well an abundance of puppy food and parasite preventatives.

The understanding of the special relationship between pets and their owners is something deeply understood by both businesses. The mutually beneficial partnership firstly allows new pet owners access to reliable and affordable vet-approved products and secondly provides those looking for a new pure-bred dog valuable information and listings.

For more information visit https://www.dogzonline.com.au/

For affordable and vet-approved products visit https://www.vetshopaustralia.com.au/

*ANKC Ltd National Animal Registration Analysis 2010–2019. 2019 Available online: http://ankc.org.au/media/9303/rego-stats-list_2010-2019v4.pdf.