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Announcement posted by Markson Sparks! 21 Feb 2021

Sansdrinks.com.au is a zero alcohol wine, beer and spirits online bottle shop founded by Irene Falcone, one of Australia’s leading female entrepreneurs



After a heavy Christmas period, consuming large quantities of alcohol there is still time to ditch the booze for the last 7 days of FEBFAST and  join sansdrinks.com.au founder & FebFast ambassador Irene Falcone in going zero alcohol for FebFast’s final week. Currently now in its 12th year, YSAS campaign Febfast is an initiative that encourages participants to abstain from alcohol, sugar or a vice of their choice during February whilst raising money to support young people who are experiencing serious disadvantage. 


Sansdrinks.com.au is a zero alcohol wine, beer and spirits online bottle shop founded by Irene Falcone,  one of Australia’s leading female entrepreneurs who founded natural health & beauty store Nourished Life in 2012 with $100 and sold it five years later for $20 million. The online zero alcohol store went from zero to $500,000 in the first 3 months and is on target to generate over $4 million in sales by the end of 2021.


Studies have shown that benefits to cutting down on alcohol include: weight loss, better sleep, lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol which has encouraged  TV stars such as Cyrell Paule, Eden Dally, Kiki Morris and Davina Rankin to reduce their intake. Channel 7’s Yummy Mummies star, Maria Digeronimo also talks about how great it is for pregnant women, “A lot of social activity revolves around drinking so when you are pregnant this can be a bit of problem but by having the option to still feel as if you’re enjoying a drink with friends without the alcohol is so good! It also is so great for women who don’t want to expose early on that they are pregnant, if they can use zero alcohol drinks without anyone knowing, it’s a win win!”


Irene says the secret to success during Febfast is to change bad habits by replacing them with something else. Luckily for all Australians,  Irene’s hundreds of zero alcohol products are excellent taste alike replacements for the alcoholic ones. Irene says “The Newblood Shiraz is a swap for Penfolds Bin 389. Both the Heineken and Carlton zero beers taste just like the original Heineken and Carlton products. As does the zero alcohol  Giesen Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and the alcoholic Giesen Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. If you like a nice dry Champagne then you can’t go past the McGuigan Zero Sparkling and to make an Asperol Spritz just add in Lyres Spirits Italian Spritz to your glass of sparkling.”


Sign up for febfast:  www.febfast.org.au


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Irene Falcone is one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs who started her first business, natural health & beauty store Nourished Life, with $100 in 2012 and sold it 5 years later to an ASX listed company for $20 million. Now Irene has launched a new online business selling non-alcoholic beer, wine and spiritswww.sansdrinks.com.au that has gone from zero to $500,000 in the first 3 months and is on target to generate over $4 million in sales by Christmas 2021. Irene is passionate about disrupting industries, providing better shopping options and making buying easier. Irene is also obsessed with small business, supporting Aussie brands, driving forklifts, talking to her customers & finding new products to enrich everyone’s lives. 




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