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Elcom Employee Experience Platform Awarded ClearBox Consulting Intranet Choice for Value

Elcom is the only Australian-owned Intranet and Employee Experience Platform to be recognised as an Intranet Choice Value Product standout among 75 intranet global products reviewed.

Elcom, a leading platform used by over 1 million end users, has been awarded ‘Intranet Choice for Value’ by industry experts ClearBox Consulting. The Elcom Intranet and Employee Experience Platform was selected as the standout solution after an in-depth review of over 75 shortlisted intranet products across the ClearBox SharePoint intranet in-a-box and independent intranet reports. It is also the only Australian founded vendor to receive a prestigious Intranet Choice award. 

John Anstey, CEO at Elcom explains, “We’re delighted to receive the best value award out of the all the intranet products reviewed. It is a tremendous achievement to be the only Australian-owned and founded intranet and Employee Experience Platform to achieve top honours. This is a testament to the dedication of our team in building a solid product that can stand out in competitive global and local markets – from a feature, scalability, usability and a price perspective. We have always been focused on enabling our clients to deliver engaging employee experiences that deliver real business value, so it's wonderful to receive an award that reflects this. I would also like to thank our passionate and innovative clients who continue to partner with us in delivering great employee experiences.” 

ClearBox conducted extensive vendor-neutral assessments for their SharePoint intranet in-a-box and Independent Intranet reports. Following on from this, a handful of standout products were chosen as ‘Intranet Choices’ that ClearBox recommend organsations shortlist when looking for new solutions. This choice is based on scores against ten real-world scenarios, pricing, vendor track record and customer feedback. Elcom scored a high accumulative ranking across the scenarios assessed, with top marks in user experience and visual appeal, information finding and enterprise scalability. Combined with an affordable pricing structure comparative to similar offerings, Elcom was awarded the badge for ‘Value’, which highlights a vendor that offers a strong product at a competitive price. 

Suzie Robinson, Consultant at ClearBox Consulting further explains, “Elcom is a long-standing and very capable product, which has powerful administration features, an appealing approach to content pages, and an excellent search experience. It is not licensed on a per-user basis, which makes it very attractively priced.”

Key features that helped the Elcom platform stand out:  

  • Flexible design and branding tailored to an organisation’s needs. 

  • Personalised interface and content for business units, brands or other segments. 

  • Granular user security and permissions management. 

  • Template oriented content publishing for consistency and ease of use for staff.  

  • Strong search capabilities, with useful analytics and administration features.  

  • User-friendly people directory, with dynamically generated organisation charts of specific departments that can be dropped on any page. 

  • Comprehensive and well-presented administration interface and controls. 

  • Flexible and powerful forms and workflow tool with advanced routing rules. 

  • Developer API and SDK enabling clients to integrate and extend the Elcom Platform either by the Elcom team or in-house. 

To learn more about the Elcom Digital Experience Platform, click here: https://hubs.ly/H0GZVh60

For more information about the ClearBox Consulting Intranet Choices Awards, click here: https://www.clearbox.co.uk/clearbox-intranet-choices-2021/ 


About Elcom 

Elcom partners with organisations to build meaningful and productive intranets and digital workplaces that empower staff to perform their best, anywhere and on any device. Elcom’s out of the box intranet and Employee Experience Platform comprises over 100 modules of functionality, together with multiple third-party connectors that can easily be activated depending on your organisation's requirements. The platform can also be extended to be deployed for Portals (Board Portal, Client Portal, Member Portal, Supplier Portal), and has a built-in Learning Management System (LMS) for online training, eLearning, staff onboarding and compliance which includes tests, SCORM compliance and reporting.