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Tone Soup Specialises in Gamechanger Audio Pedals for Serious Musicians

We can help you find that perfect guitar tone! Tone Soup stock a worldwide range of guitar pedals Australia based guitarists can buy online. We are proud to be part of the music equipment retail industry, and are here to fulfill your guitar tone needs.

Musicians are always looking for top-tier equipment to enhance their performance, whether they’re touring or performing locally. Tone Soup owner, Michael Barreiro, knows quality when he sees it and has sourced some of the most highly-sought guitar accessories on the business including Gamechanger Audio pedals.

Individuals save 10 percent off their first order when they join the company’s mailing list, ensuring they never miss out on sales available only to customers. Tone Soup also offers free shipping on purchases over $149.

Audio pedals have the ability to shape the sound of any song. The effects can make the difference between a ho-hum tune and a powerful and polished track with the potential to become an instant hit. The Gamechanger Audio pedals at Tone Soup embrace controls for modulation, dynamic and time-based effects, along with spectral and multiple filters.

Apart from Gamechanger Audio pedals, a good example is the Maxon Super Tube Pro Plus (ST9PRO+) available at Tone Soup. Specifically designed for the player that needs more gain, output and tonal options. It’s highlighted by a low boost switch that changes the character of the pedal. It adds increased saturation through an LP filter and beefier tones on the low-end for a doomsday dirt box to bluesy overdrive.

The company’s guitar pedals Australia are selected for output, versatility and to accommodate the widest range of requirements. Tone Soup also offers the Beetronics Fatbee Overdrive that provides the fattest overdrive tones in one of the company’s smallest packages. Designed in collaboration with the legendary pedal designer, Howard Davis, it’s able to deliver honied tones and sweeten any performance.

Tone Soup is also home to a small range of guitar accessories Australia. Musicians can choose from a Hotone Nano Legacy cabinet or a comprehensive selection of Hotone mini amps. The company also offers multiple brands and types of power supplies and switches.

Maxon, Gamechanger Audio pedals and guitar accessories Australia available at Tone Soup enhances performances and provides songwriters with greater latitude. There are many essential guitar effects that every player should have in their repertoire and Tone Soup is committed to providing the essentials that every musician needs.

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