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Kazoik now operates a Virtual Mall

Marketplaces for products and services

Kazoik now powers a Virtual Mall!

Kazoik, the 5 minute rapid-fire auction site has now added evenmore to its offering. Kazoik is pleased to announce its partnership with Sunny Coast Media (SCM) in building a Virtual Mall for SCM's advertisers.

SCM publishes 2 magazines: The Sunny Coast Times and the Hinterland Times. Advertisers now have the opportunity to sell what they are promoting in the publication.

Unlike other marketplaces that are primarily product centric, the SCM Mall offers the Vendors a chance to sell products and services including a booking and calendar function too.

The best part is that it is free to take a store. There is only a commission charged on a sale or booking and this covers all costs, so merchants no exactly how much they are making off every sale and booking.

For more information please visit the SCM Mall

What is Kazoik?

It is a Verb! A Kazoik is a 5 minute Auction where the highest bid wins: No Reserves. No Minimums. No Auto-bids. No Fuss!

Kazoik has currently extended its platform to any brand looking to do a brand take over day - please check here for more info.

There are some awesome deals to be got - but be quick, when the five minutes runs out the current highest bidder will get the deal!






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