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Sudo Roux unveils thought leadership film - 'Digital transformation in education: challenges and opportunities'

Film: www.sudoroux.com.au/education Sudo Roux has been a key technical partner in The University of Technology Sydney’s (UTS) transformation journey since 2019, alongside leading digital experience platform partner, Optimizely (formerly Episerver).

Using UTS’ story in a short film case study, Sudo Roux and Optimizely present a credible and measured approach to achieving enterprise resilience through transformation for the benefit of the education sectors administrators, academics, and revolutionaries.


Globally, education sector revenues have plummeted in the wake of COVID19. The inability to quickly switch from traditional face-to-face modalities to an online and/or multichannel approach has exposed weaknesses in the sector. Many countries are looking to consolidate tertiary institutions to solidify their position.

In Australia, universities face projected losses of $16bn by the end of 2023, as well as up to 21,000 job losses, with reliance on revenue derived from the physical presence of overseas students exacerbating the issue. 

Challenges and opportunities

The COVID19 pandemic has heightened the need for education organisations to embrace, engineer, and execute a transformation plan as a pathway to business resilience, in the face of these retreating enrolments and physical interactions. 

The short film looks at the process of reinvention and rebirth through the lens of learning, IT, digital and marketing teams. How they plan, execute, monitor, and support the organisational and learner shift from a traditional view of degree-based education, toward a lifelong learning approach, delivered in a blended learning model with multiple entry/exit points and participation models. A future geared toward outcomes where free teaser courses, short courses, micro-credentials, and stacked degrees are the norm.

Key Talent

  • Matt Sayer

Chief Technology Officer and Partner, Sudo Roux

  • Dean McDonald 

Head of IT - New Business, Enterprise & Community, UTS

  • Fiona Anson

Enterprise Learning Lead, UTS

  • Kriti Colless
    Head, Online Program Management, UTS

  • Emma van Blommestein

Marketing and Communications Manager, UTS

Film: www.sudoroux.com.au/education