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How using digital increases ROI, grows pipeline and boosts sales by 70+%

Microsoft headlines Digivizer webinar for B2B digital marketers and small business owners on how to grow sales pipeline

Sydney, 1 March 2021: Aparna Lal, Director Marketing, Global Demand Centre, Microsoft Asia, will headline Digivizer’s forthcoming webinar into creating and optimizing sales pipelines. 

The free webinar is on 16 March.

She will share Microsoft’s marketing transformation vision, and how it delivers business success using connected sales and marketing strategies. 

“With data, AI and content at its core, the Microsoft Global Demand Center is a scalable, efficient acquisition and customer lifecycle engine for Microsoft,” she explains. “And these techniques can be used by any company of any size. I’ll be sharing some of our experiences that I think will help other companies. We’ll look at planning, and how modern marketing builds connected marketing and sales programs that deliver results.”

Data-led insights, real-life case studies

Digital marketing that feeds the sales pipeline can deliver dramatic results. Recent research by McKinsey shows that B2B companies that use digital marketing and selling deliver revenues five times higher than those of their peers, and operating profits up to eight times higher.

The webinar – The Marketer’s Playbook – will focus on how to extract a better return from digital marketing programs in the creation and delivery of sales. It will reveal how data can increase digital sales pipelines and conversions, how social selling can identify and qualify sales prospects and opportunities, and explain the role of thought-leadership in content marketing strategies.

“Businesses expect their marketing investment to link to sales. With more B2B customers on digital than ever before, knowing how to engage them in ways that are authentic and relevant can yield significant results, as McKinsey’s data shows,” says Emma Lo Russo, CEO of Digivizer. 

“Businesses want to hear from others about what’s worked, and the reasons for that success. We’ve worked with B2B companies that grew sales pipelines only using digital by 73%, and closed in excess of $1.5 million of sales in a quarter. So this webinar will focus on bringing case studies to life, and the opportunity to hear from and talk to Aparna Lal of Microsoft who leads demand generation across Asia.”

Ryan Stott, Digivizer’s Head of Social to Sales, will explain how account-based selling creates leverage from social media to identify and nurture sales.

Trent Rosser, Digivizer’s Head of Digital Performance, will demonstrate case studies around a number of successful paid media campaigns.

Tim Horan, Digivizer’s Digital Editor-in-Chief, will explain how thought-leadership grows brand and drives executive and company engagement.

The seminar is on 16 March 2021 at 2pm AEDT. Register for free at Eventbrite.


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Aparna Lal, Director Marketing, Global Demand Centre, Microsoft Asia, will headline Digivizer’s forthcoming webinar into creating and optimizing sales pipelines. The seminar is on 16 March 2021 at 2pm AEDT. Register for free at Eventbrite.


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