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WiFi Home Automation, Fad or Favoured?

With the sheer rising number of WiFi enabled devices appearing on retail shelves, do they help, are they here to stay or fade away like the cronut !?! 


Comstel, a business telephony and data solution provider has taken this challenge  to task. 

To best address this, they first had to study the challenges most people reported with their WiFi installation and devices.

The findings were such that despite the new higher speed internet links offered by NBN providers or the likes, most households and small businesses were still challenged with coverage, consistency of speed and the number of simultaneously connected devices.  This was exasperated by the growing #work@home culture. 

Whilst most service provider’s WiFi installations support 5 - 6 concurrent devices within a confined space, an average working family of 4(with teens), are found to have more than 18 devices across several spaces( phones, computers, gaming devices, TVs, printers, etc… ). 


Now,  with all that going on, how can it be expected that the camera-doorbell is going to work stably, all the way out the front of the house… let alone your WiFi porch light ?   

We all adore talking to our ‘lights’n’things’  through our Google Nest speaker, changing ambiance of an evening, especially between dinner preparations and relaxing in front of our favourite nightly shows. 

Moreso, managing parental controls to cut the internet off for the kids at bedtime is priceless!!! But, we mostly enjoy the ‘peace of mind’ we get with our doorbell and outdoor cameras, for safety and security.  To have made this all work seamlessly may have proven a challenge and costly in the past. 

“But, not any more!!!” says one of Comstel’s founders, Luis Gonzalez, “between constantly hearing of these challenges, whilst more tech savvy people enjoyed the benefits of that ease and productivity, compelled me to devise a solution accessible to all.” 

He added; “An ‘all in one’ working solution, that not only addresses the issues of speed, coverage and connectivity, but offered some affordable ‘plug-n-play’ automation devices to immediately try out and experience, before going out and spending hard earned money on devices which which may not work over conventional WiFi.” 

Resultantly, Comstel released two(2) accessible Value Packages that address the ‘beauty and the beast’  of internet@home. 

The value packs include a Whole Home Mesh WiFi Backbone System to alleviate all those WiFi challenges and bug-bears. It also provides a whole host of included bonus devices like LED light, smart power switch, gigabit network switch, camera and a Google Nest Speaker along with  some great Apps and useful bonus vouchers.   

Overall, a value for money,  comprehensive whole home WiFi solution with a host of bonus devices for everyone to try and enjoy planning what can be automated for ease, security and productivity. 


Front Video Door Bell &  Door Locks, Gate and Garage Video Door Bell &  Door Locks, Alarms Outdoor Security Cameras, Garden Lights & Sprinklers, Garage Doors(s), Light Globes & Switches

Air Purifiers & Humidifiers, Air conditioners,  Wifi enabled White/Brown Goods & Appliances,

Window Shades & Coverings, Curtains & Blinds, TVs & Sound Systems, Audio & Video Streaming Devices, Night lights & Motion Sensors, and Much More....!!!

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Authored by Patrick Le Gentil 

Approved by Luis Gonzalez



Comstel Corporation Pty has been providing business telephony and data solutions for several years, including their self branded mobile and NBN services powered by Telstra. Since the commencement of the covid pandemic their business subscribers have been requesting work@home enablement for their staff. Whist basic telephony probability is quite fundamental nowadays, but making it all work on a conventional home network proved challenging. Hence, the emergence of these Whole Home Wifi Mesh Packages as a ‘go to’ work@home enablement solution. Now, Comstel prides itself on making these packages available as a retail point of sale offering. 




Additional information can be obtained by email: info@comstel.com.au