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Feeding the Soul Through Adventure Stories

The Solly Trilogy draws us into a journey of ordinary characters exposed to extraordinary situations. It tells a tale of pioneers who braved vast oceans and unknown wildernesses and who faced incredible hardships to settle lands they ultimately came to love. Beginning with romantic times when tall ships crossed fickle, dangerous oceans to connect continents, we journey through the golden years when wool was king and Australia prospered, to the tragedy and aftermath of the Great War.

Author, Ron Thomas, has always been inspired by the renowned English writer, Neville Shute, and particularly his ability to develop realistic and empathetic characters. The protagonists of the Solly Trilogy are portrayed with empathy and realism. We are inexorably drawn to celebrate the good times with them and to share their hard times and tragedies.

The first two books of the trilogy, Solly’s Way and Solly’s Legacy, have recently been republished, purposefully timed to coincide with the publication of the final instalment, Solly’s Journey. The series commences with Solly’s Way, set in the red earth of outback Australia in the 1890s, at an embattled property named Wallangulla. Our interest is quickly captured by the intriguing relationships between an old, story-telling swagman, members of the Landerville family, and an Aboriginal stockman. In Solly’s Legacy, the adventures continue as the Great War summons patriots as far away as Australia to defend an embattled empire. Solly’s Journey begins with the birth of Solly’s consuming wanderlust and we sail wide, unforgiving oceans with him before forging a path across America to Oregon. His thirst for adventure leads him to Australia and distant horizons draw him ultimately to Wallangulla, where he can finally rest.

Ron’s website banner reads, ‘A good book is soul food’, and he provides his readers with remarkable insights through historical and folklore snapshots integrated into his stories. The Solly Trilogy celebrates the earthiness and bravery of the pioneers. There’s nothing like an enjoyable adventure story to lower your stress levels; even science agrees on this point[1]. The Solly Trilogy is bound to satisfy.

Find out more about the author, Ron Thomas, and his books, from his website: ronthomasauthor.com or, view the short Trilogy trailer at https://vimeo.com/416805301.

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