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Startup launches Australian lifestyle e-retailing business

Melbourne-based startup Good Sort AU, officially announces goodsort.com.au, a modernised online shopping experience that introduces and delivers shoppers the best curation of must-have Australian-made products.

With experience and expertise in Information Technology and Procurement across some of the most regarded corporations down under, co-founders and brothers, Daniel and Christopher D’Alessi, have focused their sights on bringing high-quality products produced on our shores to every Australian.

“We felt that Australian made products have not always been well positioned in the competitive online shopping sphere”, said Christopher D’Alessi, co-founder of Good Sort. “We believe we can bring something new and fresh to this space, and we are working hard to deliver on our promise of affordability but not compromising on quality”, he added.

A few months on, and the brothers are proud of the relationships they have built with local suppliers. They believe there is a bright future ahead, paving the way for other Aussie brands to come onboard and join them on their journey for success.

An affordable range of high-quality beauty, homewares, decor and health & wellness are just some of the various lifestyle categories you can find on goodsort.com.au. Shipping rates are competitive and Good Sort offers free shipping for carts over $100!

“2020 was a year to forget, and buying Australian produced products has never been more important for brands and the economy in this country”, said Daniel. The brothers have promised to help reinvigorate and stimulate local markets by continually adding new products to their website. “Products that meet high quality standards is something that we look for, whilst also showcasing the manufacturers that produce them. This is something we want to build on and keep as a core value for our retail site”, he continued.

To learn more about Good Sort, visit www.goodsort.com.au