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Viral Records New Release Hails Covid-19 Vaccine

Announcement posted by Mia Mind Music 12 Mar 2021

Singer, composer and entrepreneur Darrell Kelley releases his latest record, "Vaccine".

Viral Records artist Darrell Kelley has just dropped a new record, simply titled "Vaccine", which hails the current availability of the groundbreaking Covid-19 vaccine. After pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna spent months conducting clinical research to develop and test their two-stage RNA vaccines, and now with Johnson & Johnson introducing their viral vector vaccines, it now appears that the world may finally be turning the corner and gaining in the war being waged against the deadly Covid-19 virus which has infected more than 118 million people and caused 2.6 million deaths globally. 

While "Vaccine" praises the efforts involved in creating this new wonder drug, Darrell Kelley's song not only brings up the ongoing spread of misinformation that has accompanied its release but also the now apparent disparity across racial and economic lines which has hindered and slowed its availability in the United States. Kelley, who besides being a prolific songwriter and entertainer is also a tireless social activist, said the motivation behind his latest single was not so much as to just praise the efforts that went into the making of the Covid-19 vaccine but to encourage all people to take the vaccine once it's been made available to them.  

The single will be distributed globally by his record company to all major digital retailers and streaming platforms on the internet. In addition, a North American radio and press campaign has just been launched to promote "Vaccine". Mainstream Top 40, Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop, and Adult Contemporary format radio stations have already been serviced with the release. Now with the easing of lockdown restrictions being eased, much due to the millions who have now been inoculated with these new Covid-19 vaccines, multiple personal appearances will be booked later this Spring. To learn more go to www.darrellkelleyofficial.com. 

Darrell is currently available for interviews and/or appearances. Added news updates and other information about upcoming events may be found at https://www.facebook.com/darrellkelleysmusic, and is where Viral Records plans to debut his "Vaccine" music video in the coming weeks. Darrell Kelley's press kit will be provided upon request to members of the media by contacting the representative below.

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