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Welcome Google Devices or Does Google Welcome with Devices?

Comstel hosted a great ‘Welcome Google Devices’ Event among its channel and partners, but it was Google’s Devices & Services business unit that really came to the party!!!

Comstel hosted a wonderful event last week with about thirty members of its channels and partners. 

But the real feat was Google’s vision and generosity to raffle away a Google Pixel Phone to the participants.  

Tenda also displayed their enthusiasm and generosity by also giving away one of their  Tenda Nova WiFi Mesh systems (as featured in Comstel’s Home-Pro Value Pack). 

The evening commenced with a few warm bites and refreshments, as Patrick of Comstel opened with an animated presentation of their Whole Home Wifi Mesh Value Packages. Little be said about their enthusiasm, as they outlined the rationale behind launching their value packs and how they understand the market would take and react to this release.  

They outlined some interesting values… their own ‘9-Ps of Business’ concise, yet insightful to say the least. What resonated the most was their first ‘P’ - Purchasers - Delight Them!!! ( Deliver customer service exceeding purchasers expectation ), at least they have their priorities dialed in correctly. 

Comstel outlined that there was a big disconnect between the intent of NBN’s fast internet and user expectation.  A ‘no man’s land’ so to speak! Surprisingly, with all the criticism that NBN has endured, Comstel ( an NBN Service Provider themselves )  were very pragmatic, rather than critical about the real issues at hand. 

They passionately stated “The real problem is largely unaddressed ( if not, overlooked!) and mostly resides within the domicile, not with the NBN service.  The issues that the average person encounters, is that every standard NBN connection comes with a very basic WiFi router, just to get the service up and going! It is neither sized up for each individual’s needs, residence’s structure and footprint. Nor, is it dimensioned for the number of used devices, where and how they are most commonly used, let alone the number of differing uses!” 

This is where they identified their packaged solution to fit right in! With their ‘Next Generation Whole Home WiFi Mesh’ Packages, they not only address this  challenge, but innovatively demonstrate an entire world of other automation possibilities too! Their solution gives more quality WiFi signal to enabled devices, over larger spaces! Making the occupant’s work@home experience  more fluid and productive. 

Two(2) other interesting facts outlined were, their target market and how they intended to reach them. They envision their demography as homemakers and working professionals… not techy, interesting! They added that they specifically select stable,  easy to deploy products for the interested, not necessarily the savvy!  

As the evening moved on, bellies were getting full and refreshments flowed… when the big reveal was announced.  Comstel displayed a mock up of their upcoming ‘Super G - Value Pack’ primarily consisting of Google Nest Devices as their next release that represents great consumer value. They are set to work closely with the Google Device & Services team (who were in attendance via Google Meets video link ) to devise a carefully crafted offering, which will not be in conflict with the current retail market’s offering. 

Before closing out the evening with their social meet-ups, they raffled-off the 2 great  Google and Tenda sponsored prizes. The evening was inspirational, but even Comstel is not infallible!!! With time pressure, they overlooked to announce some great mobile connectivity devices which work alongside the Tenda powered WiFi Mesh in their packages. They assured more announcements were to come around that topic and the future of 5G vs terrestrial WiFi connected homes! 


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Comstel Corporation Pty has been providing business telephony and data solutions for several years, including their Telstra powered  Comstel branded mobile and NBN services. Since the commencement of the covid pandemic, their business subscribers have been requesting work@home enablement for their staff. Whist basic telephony portability is quite fundamental nowadays, making it all work on a conventional home network proved challenging. Hence, the emergence of these Whole Home Wifi Mesh Packages as a ‘go to’ work@home enablement solution. Now, Comstel prides itself on making these packages available as a retail point of sale offering. 


Additional information can be obtained by email: info@comstel.com.au