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Fever-Tree Australia reports 88 per cent growth in 2020 as continued performance of spirits drives sales of premium mixers

Fever-Tree Drinks FY20 results to 31 December 2020



19 March 2021

Fever-Tree Drinks FY20 results to 31 December 2020


Fever-Tree Drinks, the global leading premium mixer brand, today announced its 2020 full year results, reporting another year of strong growth in Australia.

Despite COVID-19 disruptions, this growth has been underpinned by the continued performance of spirits and the rising popularity of premium long mixed drinks at home.

Fever-Tree remains the clear market leader in the premium mixer segment and is driving premiumisation across the whole category.

Australia highlights

·       Fever-Tree continues to be the undisputed market leader within the premium category driving growth across the mixer category

·       Fever-Tree grew by 88 per cent in the Australian market in 2020[1]

·       Popularity of gin & tonics continues to surge across Australia, with the tonic category growing by 36 per cent in grocery during 2020[2]

o   Popularity of long mixed drinks continues to increase, taking market share from wine and beer, and there is evidence that this change is sustainable as consumers switch back to the on-trade

·       Fever-Tree has grown sales in major retailers such as Woolworths, where sales have increased 100 per cent year-on-year[3], driven by increased brand awareness and distribution gains

·       Light Indian Tonic is becoming the fastest growing segment, reflecting Australian consumer demand for healthier, lighter options

·       Successfully expanded Fever-Tree’s formats to tailor to the tastes of Australian consumers, including the introduction of 500ml bottles to leading retailers, as well as a focus on lighter mixers


Key trends

·       The trend towards premium spirits and long mixed drinks during the pandemic continues to increase at pace as more people enjoy cocktails and G&Ts at home

·       The total retail mixer market in Australia grew by 29 per cent in 2020[4], with growth in premium segments outpacing the total category

o   Premium segment grew by 51 per cent in 2020[5]

o   Sales of tonic increased by 34 per cent; with sales of premium tonic products increasing by 75 per cent[6]  

·       Gingers are also growing and present an exciting opportunity for further premiumisation

o   Sales of ginger ale increased by 13 per cent; with sales of premium products increasing 111 per cent[7]. Fever-Tree is driving growth in this category


Commenting on Fever-Tree’s performance in 2020, Andy Gaunt, General Manager, Fever-Tree Australia and New Zealand, said: “Australia is a very exciting market for Fever-Tree, and I am so proud of how the brand and the team has performed over the last 12 months.  Our sustained growth across retail, with sales increasing by over 100 per cent in 2020, is a testament to the growing brand awareness and the accelerating trend towards premiumisation across the mixer category.

“We remain the undisputed number one premium tonic brand in Australia and, as more Australians discover the benefits of premium long mixed drinks, we see great growth potential in the market.  Earlier in the year, during periods of lockdown, we saw consumers selecting high quality products to make cocktails at home and this has continued as restrictions have eased.  We are well positioned for the next twelve months, and I look forward to seeing more and more Australians enjoy Fever-Tree products in 2021.”

For more detail about Fever-Tree’s preliminary results visit https://fever-tree.com/en_GB/investors.



For more information head to www.fever-tree.com/en_AU. Instagram: @FeverTreeAustralia, Facebook: @FeverTreeAU


For further information please contact:

Eilis Grainger I eilisgrainger@liquidideas.com.au I 0481 454 350 I 02 9667 4211

About Fever-Tree

·       Fever-Tree is the global leading premium mixer brand

·       We believe that if ¾ of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best

·       Fever-Tree introduced quality, choice and excitement into a forgotten category, meaning that customers no longer ‘sleepwalk’ through the mixer aisle or their selection in a bar or restaurant

·       We have travelled the world to source the best ingredients for our products and continue to innovate to bring consumers the finest mixers for their spirits

·       Our business partners with great suppliers and spirit brands around the world and we are proud of the role we play in the industry, complementing and improving our partner brands

·       Approximately 50 per cent of our revenue is now from our international markets and we are experiencing exciting growth in key markets like Australia

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