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Positive Thinking Clinic working with emotional wellness for under 5's

Rainbow Cottage, Little Dolphins, Banbury Cottage, Babyland Child Care Centre

Author and Course Creator Amanda Dounis is handing down age appropriate tips for educators to deliver to the under 5's in her 4 early learning centres.

Parents have reached out with concern that their preschoolers are watching their older siblings stress and struggle with their emotions during the new 2021 school year.

"We need to demonstrate to our youngest children that every day challenges are normal.  We role model with our behaviour and language that we can get through anything" States Dounis.

As a basic start, preschoolers are learning to be curious detectives when emotions arise.  
From here they are taught to become observers
Then create something positive e.g a thought
And lastly explore their options.

"My child loves being a detective, and I help him with exploring options" (Parent of a 4 year old).

Dounis is offering online and face to face short workshops over the coming holidays

Staff of Banbury Cottage, Rainbow Cottage, Little Dolphins, and Babyland are invited to participate in the workshops so they can share new skills with the under 5's.  

This has really boosted interest in our learning centres as parents are so concerned with raising resilient children.