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Galactic Bioware announces 2021 Casual Collection of Protective City Wear

Galactic Bioware – a clothing engineering and design company based in Victoria, Australia and Utah, USA – today announces its collection of casual Protective City Wear. Galactic Bioware’s casual covert defense line offers ballistics, stab, and shrapnel protection in flexible, machine-washable shirts, pants, jackets, and more. 

Galactic Bioware designed its 2021 Casual Collection to deliver maximum protection against the increasing threats to personal safety present in highly populated cities without compromising on the wearer’s comfort or clean design. 

The collection employs a multi-layer system of fibers that aims to reduce the impact and injury level from gunfire, knife wounds, and bomb shrapnel including: 

 - An outer layer which utilizes heavy weight cotton drill 9.44oz/yd2 (320gsm) panelling like many hard-wearing workwear brands; one of the most durable, breathable, and naturally absorbent fibers (that doesn't show perspiration like many synthetics do). 

 - A protective middle layer comprised of semi-rigid laminated ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). High-modulus polyethylene is an extraordinarily tough material, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. Many times stronger than steel, UHMWPE is considered among the best fibers for use in bullet-resistant clothing currently commercially available. Our protective panels have been specially cut, shaped, and heatmolded to allow for natural movement and fit. 

 - A comfort inner layer which is a delicate blend of soft and smooth comfortable polyester with an advanced polymer weave that provides extraordinary all-direction stretchability, comfort, durability, and moisture distribution for quick-dry. 

The waitlist for the current 2021 Casual Collection is open to the public at www.galacticbioware.com


About Galactic Bioware 

Galactic Bioware, Inc. is a team of designers and engineers working to increase the survivability of dangerous and extreme environments. Dangers come in many forms both man-made and environmental, including crime, terrorism, natural disasters and accidents, as well as the dangers involved in space travel and settlements. We are in the business of designing and manufacturing advanced human survival gear and elite performance equipment. Our gear enables people to survive and thrive in Earth's most dangerous environments and situations. 

Galactic Bioware's research and development will enable us not only to be a leader in the emerging power suit market on Earth, but to be a first-mover and leader in off-planet protective equipment in the coming years as the human ambition for long duration space exploration and settlements becomes a reality. Our research into wearable thermal insulation, ballistics and shrapnel resistance, radiation shielding, high-speed impact safety, and breathing and comfort apparatus will put us at the forefront of human life in space and on less-hospitable planets. More information – www.galacticbioware.com