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What a year. Coronavirus Pandemic. Frightening words for adults, and frightening emotions for our children. A new book has been a savior for students battling end of year exams in unprecedented conditions. And now it’s used to prepare students for a brand new school year, not knowing what to expect.

Author of ‘My Coping Skills Handbook’, Amanda Dounis, just watched her child complete the HSC during COVID-19, and knows all too well the importance of empowering kids with the tools to succeed during these trying times. Giving them the ability to cope with anything at any time. Now Amanda is helping the new cohort of final year students get ready for another unpredictable year.

Her simple 4 step C.O.P.E formula encourages children to:

C - become a curious detective

O - observe thoughts and feelings

P - imagine a positive outcome

E - think like an explorer and explore options

Amanda has also acknowledged the importance of the beginning of school year, by supporting school aged kids with anxiety and challenging thoughts. Each year Dounis offers support via workshops and short sessions for kids.  She has done the same this year and modified her methods to attend to the fears and curiosities of students.

The Positive Thinking Clinic is a place where change takes place. 

Amanda uses a variety of modalities to get the desired outcome that her clients aim for. She uses integrative techniques and that’s why the Positive Thinking Clinic is unique. 

She shows you how to cope with anything anytime, regardless of your age.

Amanda is available for in-person or online interviews.

(Children and parents benefitting by using the formula can be made available for interview upon request)

Amanda Dounis

Positive Thinking Clinic

[Author, Psychotherapist, Early Childhood Teacher, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist]

PH: 0458 850 850