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Gordon Powers Ensure Flooded Sydney Prompt Restoration of Power Supply

Electrical service provider pledges fast and reliable restoration of power supply in flooded areas in NSW.

Gordon Powers announced today the company’s prompt restoration of power supply in areas affected by floods all across Sydney. Over the weekend, people across Sydney experienced incessant and heavy downpour forcing thousands of people, especially in low-lying areas on the east coast to flee their homes. The electrical service provider assures every flood-hit resident the swift restoration of their electricity where required.

Since Thursday (March 18), heavy rains have submerged different parts of Sydney. With the threat of severe weather, the Bureau of Meteorology issued a warning of floods and urged residents to stay at home, be on high alert and heed evacuation orders if necessary. Moreover, as the heavy rainfall persisted on Saturday (March 20), the risks of rivers and major dams swelling is anticipated.

With the fears of severe flooding, this crisis prompted the people on the east coast to evacuate their homes in the middle of the night. They were assisted by the State Emergency Service (SES). On Sunday, the NSW and the federal government declared the central and mid-north coast under the state of natural disaster.

With the widespread destruction of infrastructures and closure of several roads, Gordon Powers assures the residents of flood-stricken areas in NSW of their preparedness efforts. Even before the severe storm forecast, the company ensures its personnels’ readiness for when an emergency arises. The electrical service provider has increased its contingency response plans over the years. Their preparations include increased manpower and heavy equipment for fast, safe and reliable services.

Charlie K. the spokesperson of Gordon Powers said on Monday, “Our technical team of electricians have responded to numerous emergency power supply restoration. We know firsthand the impacts of this kind of situation on our community. That’s why we remain prepared to alleviate your worries through the swift restoration of your electricity.”

“As the flash floods have engulfed several major roads, we will exhaust our resources to restore your energy on time to provide you comfort during this difficult time. Our team always comes prepared to respond to your call, especially during these hard times. We value everyone’s safety especially from the dangers brought about by damage to electrical infrastructure.”

Gordon Powers is a Sydney based electrical service provider company delivering safe and efficient electrical solutions. In the field of emergency power restoration, the team is prepared to render high-quality services.