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Syntricate Partners with Tryzens to Refine and Grow Marketing Campaigns

Australia’s pureplay one-stop shop for electronic device accessories, has partnered with digital commerceagency Tryzens to handle the creation, distribution, management and growth of their email marketing campaigns

SyntricateAustralia’s pureplay one-stop shop for electronic device accessories, has partnered with digital commerceagency Tryzens to handle the creation, distribution, management and growth of their email marketing campaigns. The strategic partnership will focus on honing a more personalised email experience based on customer interaction, leading to a more immersive and satisfying customer experience to encourage repeat purchasing and revenue growth.  


Well known for their exceptional quality of service, Syntricate brings well-known brand name accessories to customers at great prices, delivering a great experience to a world dominated by technology and the personality of the user that comes with it. Syntricate offers hand-selected and rigorously tested products to suit a customers' specific needs, allbacked with a 100-day returns policy and free express shipping on all orders as standard.  

The partnership with Tryzens revolutionises Syntricate’s email marketing to better connect with their customers. With global experience and expertise in digital commerce strategy, Tryzens bring to the partnership reporting and analysis of performance of individual emails and email campaigns to drive ongoing optimisation.  This represents a complete revamp of transactional emails with added support and the setup of a flow of triggered “always-on” emails based on customer interaction with Syntricate’s content. This capability, along with pertinent recommendations being sent at set intervals based on browsing and purchasing behaviour will maximise sales opportunity and dramatically improve thepersonalised customer experience, bringing them closer to the brand and building lifetime value 

Arun Selvaratnam, the Founder of Syntricate spoke of the partnership: 

“Being the pureplay brand for electronic device accessories since 2013, our key focus has always been on building, managing and maintaining excellent customer relationships through exceptional and reliable customer service. Our excellent customer engagement is what sets us apart and this partnership with Tryzens will allow us to develop and grow through our email marketing campaign as we build and expand our business. Tryzens are globally renowned as expert consultants for all things digital commerce, and we are extremely excited to work with them to refine and develop our customer engagement strategy via our email marketing campaigns”. 

Andy Burton, CEO of Tryzens said: 

“Syntricate is a real success story in which Arun and his team have built a business model online that epitomises everything you look for in a great customer experience, based on deep product knowledge, empathy toward customers and understanding of trends and aspirations.  Without doubt Syntricate is forward-thinking and ahead of the curve as a pure-pay retailer, where their online-only mindset has allowed them to become Australia’s favourite electronic device accessory retailer. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to work closely with them on their digital communications strategy to help expand and grow their businesses via enhanced customer engagement, feedback, reporting and analysis of their email marketing campaigns and transactional emails.”