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Announcement posted by Adoni Media 15 Apr 2021

After injecting an incredible $2 million into rural communities by supporting local cheese manufacturers in 2020, Australian gourmet cheese company, Cheese Therapy, is expanding, with coffee farmers and boutique winemakers the next to benefit.

Despite being on the brink of collapse because of bushfires and COVID-19, 17 regional cheesemakers went on to enjoy 30 per cent growth last year after partnering with Cheese Therapy.


Now, Cheese Therapy wants Australia’s coffee farmers to thrive, as well as wine producers.


“A year ago, we had several cheesemakers ring us in tears, desperate for us to help them survive. If we hadn’t stepped up, many may not be operating today,” Cheese Therapy co-founder Sam Penny said.


“We are very proud to have been responsible for a direct injection of cash into Australia’s artisan cheesemaking industry which had a flow-on effect, creating jobs and providing much-needed support for dairy farmers, their families and regional communities. We want to see that repeated across other industries.


“Our number one value is to support small businesses in regional and rural areas, which are the heart of Australia.”


Through A Cup Less Travelled, Cheese Therapy co-founders Sam Penny and Helen Shadforth are working with coffee farmers from two growing regions, the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland and Byron Bay in Northern New South Wales.


“Instead of drinking coffee made from beans sourced from countries 15,000 kilometres away, we should be drinking coffee grown here in our own backyard,” Ms Shadforth said.


“Remarkably, we sold two tonnes of coffee over just four weeks when we announced A Cup Less Travelled had launched via Cheese Therapy’s social media pages.”


Each month, small boutique wine producers are also having their creations showcased.


“We are providing a much-needed voice for small businesses, which are trying to compete in a very competitive marketplace,” Mr Penny said.


“You don’t need to buy from overseas when we have fantastic produce grown and made here in Australia, by very talented small producers.”


Cheese Therapy sold four tonnes of cheese per month last year, and experienced 2,000 per cent growth year on year. Two warehouses opened to keep up with the demand, and the Geelong distribution centre will now be the operations centre for both Cheese Therapy and A Cup Less Travelled.

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