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US Foreign National Mortgage Program For Australian Investors

Borderless Mortgagor Capital

Borderless Mortgagor Capital has built unique lending relationships with sophisticated local banks and credit unions that understand how to review a foreign buyer’s loan application and how to assess foreign-based financial documents. They offer customized programs for foreign buyers seeking residential, commercial, bridging & jumbo loans.

Highlights of the Borderless Mortgagor Capital Foreign National Loan Program:

  • Super jumbo loans, Up to $100 million
  • 80% LTV for purchase, refinance and equity release (cash out)
  • Loans amortized over 30 years
  • No FICO, Social Security number, Green Card or visa required
  • No Income verification required
  • Condotels and non-warrantable condos eligible
  • Second homes, vacation homes and investment properties eligible
  • Mobile Home Park, Multifamily units (2 to 80 units) eligible
  • Interest only loans available
  • Closing on average 30 days
  • Rates from 2.90%

Borderless Mortgagor Capital is a non-resident mortgage brokerage for Foreigners & High Net Worth Individuals with offices in Florida, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, & Tokyo, specialising in high value and complex US Foreign National Mortgages.

Borderless Mortgagor Capital LLC has a team of mortgage specialists with diverse perspectives and backgrounds. The team speaks various languages, including English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Spanish, Greek, Albanian, Hebrew, and Russian. They have over 15 years of mortgage financing experience and have been the leader in helping non-U.S. residents achieve their real estate goals in the States.