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Representation Matters. Feisty new start-up magazine is set to elevate the many diverse voices of people of colour.

Announcement posted by kindling & sage magazine 20 Apr 2021

kindling & sage magazine launches in Sydney

Sydney, 20 April 2021. // A new magazine will be launched on April 21st on Gadigal Land. 

Created by and for Women and Gender Diverse People of Colour, kindling & sage elevates the voices of those that are consistently absent from mainstream media in Australia. Over 30 individuals contribute to the first edition, available in both print and digital editions.
Inspired by the work of gal-dem, B*tch Media, CRWN and others, kindling & sage is a new quarterly publication that includes interviews, opinion pieces, short stories, and poetry. The magazine’s debut edition includes conversations with renowned women in media and fashion, climate advocates, body positive trailblazers and entrepreneurs. The publication highlights the many different experiences and talents of women of colour and carves out a space unlike any other.
Natalia Garcia, editor and founder, said ‘we’ve created a unique space for women and gender diverse POC to share their stories. The magazine grew from our frustration at the lack of representation People of Colour have in mainstream media. We wanted to hear from people that look like us, that share our experiences, that draw on our knowledge.’
It has long been reported that Australian mainstream media lacks diversity in gender, ethnicity, age, ability and body shapes. The creation of policies and strategies to diversify these spaces means little without first ensuring safe environments for people of colour to flourish.
‘Exclusive spaces that focus on the voices of BIWOC and Gender Diverse POC can improve quality of life and wellbeing, strengthen a sense of belonging and validate our experiences. As Audre Lorde said, “without community, there is no liberation” and we’re working to create a community that is truly diverse and inclusive’ Ms Garcia said.

First Edition: Identity
The first edition is 80 beautiful pages of interviews, opinion pieces, artwork, short stories and poetry from more than 30 feisty individuals, sharing their stories & views. 
Feature interviews with Faustina Agolley, Jennifer Atilémile, April Hélène-Horton, Guyala Bayles and Varsha Yajman.
Cover artwork by @bravokarena –Karen Bravo- a multidisciplinary Afro-Colombian artist, her work is feminine and self-explorative.
Pre-orders are open now! Our launch pack includes a print + digital copy of the magazine, a limited edition, ethically made, tote bag with our cover art and a pack of @living_koko cacao husk tea. 

kindling & sage magazine + community is a digital and print quarterly publication that features written content created by women & gender diverse People of Colour. Together, we’re building a platform where our strong voices come together to call out, shout out, create sparks and inspire change. The magazine centres the voices of Bla(c)k, First Nations, Women of Colour & Gender Diverse POC, to create a feisty community where we learn from each other and ignite our individual and collective fire. We are a safe space to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and perspectives to strengthen our communities and inspire.

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