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VetSupply Is Celebrating Mother’s Day Sale

Announcement posted by MAX PET SUPPLIES PTY LTD. 28 Apr 2021

There will be big discounts on offer on all pet care supplies including dog supplies, cat supplies, horse supplies, bird supplies, food supplies, and more.

Mother’s Day, as you all know, is a very special day. And VetSupply is absolutely thrilled to announce a special Mother’s Day Sale. An official at VetSupply was quoted saying, “We love organising such special day sales for our customers because they deserve every bit of it. Our main goal is to help them get as much supplies for their pets at the most reasonable rates.” He also said, “And we are really pleased that we are able to have a Mother’s Day Sale this year. Fingers crossed. We hope this will help put smiles on every pet parents’ face.”

The Mother’s Day Sale on VetSupply will begin on 9th May, 2021 and run till the following day, i.e, 10th May, 2021. There will be a flat 5% off on each and every order placed. Also, the benefit of free shipping will be there with no extra cost at all. Customers will have to apply the special coupon code “LOVEMOM” while checking out to avail discounts on their purchases.

COVID-19 has sure played spoilsport but VetSupply is trying their best to bring some smiles back by having such sales. Hoping that customers and their furry pals are staying safe, and make sure to take part in VetSupply’s special Mother’s Day Sale.

Please Note: VetSupply’s Mother’s Day Sale is only applicable for citizens and people residing in Australia only.


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