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Laser Therapy Gets Runners in Sydney Back on the Road Again after Injury

Laser Therapy Gets Runners in Sydney Back on the Road Again after Injury

To the uninitiated, lasers and running may seem to have about as much in common as chalk and cheese, but a growing number of people in Sydney's running community are experiencing the benefits of laser therapy says Mark Lin, a local podiatrist. 

While running is a healthy form of exercise for which our bodies are designed, lower back, hip, ankle, and knee injuries are extremely common among runners. “While the body is certainly designed to run, says Mark, “the actual mechanics of the feet and lower limbs are not always optimal. Running tests the body to the max. The feet absorb up to seven times an individual’s body mass every time they strike the ground. Even when the biomechanics are correct, overuse injuries caused by running are common.”

Ignoring these injuries as soon as there’s no obvious pain and taking to the road again can be a recipe for recurring injury. “Apart from living with pain for longer than is necessary, people who don’t have injuries attended to haven’t addressed their cause. An absence of pain is also not an indication of full recovery. Returning to running before full healing has taken place means that the injury can quickly flare up again, putting you out of action yet again.”

Laser Therapy Reduces Pain and Inflammation, Speeds Healing

Laser therapy for runners isn’t just about pain relief, but that’s one of the first of its benefits to be noticed by the professional and amateur sports people who rely on the Footwork Clinic to treat their sports-related injuries. 

“Pain is caused by prolonged inflammation,” says Mark. “The medical laser treatment reduces inflammation, and pain relief is what people notice first. But there’s still the matter of healing to contend with, and once again, laser therapy is of help. Laser therapy stimulates the cells in a way that speeds up the healing process.”

Common Running Injuries Treated at Sydney Podiatry Practice

Inflammation of the tendons in ankles and calves is common in runners. “It’s a serious obstacle to mobility and performance,” says Mark. With state-of-the-art medical lasers, Mark Lin and his team are able to boost the healing process. “The treatment reduces inflammation. It stimulates circulation to the affected areas, helping runners to recover faster.”

Although most people wouldn’t think of a podiatrist when dealing with knee and hip injuries, the lower limbs are often part of the problem. The knee acts as a bridge between the feet and ankles, and the hips - it only does what the foot will let it do, and the hip also impacts the ways in which the knee works. Mark says that the back of the knee contains an important part of the lymphatic system, and when that doesn’t drain away metabolic waste, recovery will be hindered. Once again, laser therapy offers a way in which runners can get back on the road faster.

Top Runners Benefit from Pre and Post Race Treatments

While the average fun runner would probably only visit Mark’s Sydney sports podiatry practice when injured, there’s evidence that Laser therapy before and after important races helps to boost race performance and post-race recovery. “It’s a time when athletes know they’re going to be pushing themselves to the max,” says Mark, “so, stimulating deep tissues before races will improve in-race performance and reduce the chances of injury. After the race, laser therapy helps with recovery.”

Only One of Many Podiatry Therapies That Help Keep Runners Doing What They Love

Laser therapy isn’t the only therapy that can benefit runners. “The Footwork Clinic is pleased to be able to offer the most recent advances in laser therapy equipment and expertise,” says Mark, “but each patient is treated using the methods best suited to his or her individual situation. At times, a combination of treatments offers the best solution. The Footwork Clinic sees its responsibility as offering best-in-class treatments and therapies to improve performance, speed recovery from injuries, and most importantly, to reduce the chances of reinjury.”

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