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Announcement posted by Borderless Mortgagor Group 07 May 2021


Borderless Mortgagor Group US Foreign National Mortgage Program is specially geared to cater for all

Australian lending needs in the US, whilst offering competitive pricing and a full suite of award-winning home loan products.

At Borderless Mortgagor, we specialise in helping people who don’t fit that ‘perfect’ template. We’ve helped hundreds of non-residents from AustraliaChinaMalaysiaSingaporeIndiaUnited KingdomUnited StatesJapan & many more countries to secure loan approvals. The result? You can purchase properties in over 20 countries —even if you’re not a citizen.

Invest In The US Through Borderless US Foreign National Mortgage Program


·       Cheaper entry point than Australia

·       Minimum 25% down payment

·       Loan Amount: $150,000 upto $10,000,000

·       Interest Rates: 4.35% to 5.50%

·       Term: 30 years, 20 and 15 years fixed

·       First 3 years prepayment penalty

·       No Income or US credit verification required

·       Residential, Commercial, Refinancing, Cash-Out & Bridging

·       Cloing on average 30 days

·       Great way to diversify you SMSF Investment Portfolio

·       Applicant not required to be present in the US during closing

·       Offices in Melbourne, Florida, Tokyo & Kuala Lumpur

·       Additional services provided: Setting up US bank accounts, accounting,tax & legal consultations.

Borderless Mortgagor Group has a team of mortgage specialists with diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Our team speaks various languages, including English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Spanish, Greek, Albanian, Hebrew, and Russian. We have over 10 years of mortgage financing experience and have been the leader in helping non-U.S. residents achieve their real estate goals in the States.

Borderless Mortgagor Group seeks to bridge this gap with end-to-end solutions for non resident mortgage lending. With a global network of over 350 lenders offering 1000 different custom mortgage products in over 20 countries worldwide. The process is streamlined, fast, and efficient-so clients can enter the property market quickly and find the property that best suits their needs.

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